This week’s brides have us red in the face! Shannon, our CelebZilla, gets in a major clash with her cost-cutting fiancé over her expensive, over-the-top wedding dress. Meanwhile, the battle of the cousins begins! Dani, a.k.a. iDunnoZilla, can’t make one decision about the details of her wedding. To make matters worse, she runs the risk of being overshadowed by her cousin Clara, whose wedding is just two weeks away. WE’re raising a toast to all three ladies with this week’s Signature Drink called “The Blushin’ Bride,” a colorful mix of Champagne, peach schnapps, and grenadine. 

Recipe: The Blushin’ Bride

1 Serving



Pour the Champagne and peach schnapps into a champagne flute. Add a splash of grenadine for a “blushing” effect.

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WE have a lot to celebrate for this week’s Hip Hop Happy Hour! On Growing Up Hip Hop: Confessions of the Cast, the crew will reunite to dish on everything that was left on the cutting room floor. Be prepared: all of the drama, secrets, and surprises will come spilling out. Now that Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition has wrapped, Waka and Tammy are ready to renew their vows. But, will family drama get in the way of their special day? It seems everyone could use a “Celebration Elation Libation,” a strong mix of vodka, brandy, and Champagne!

Recipe: Celebration Elation Libation

1 Serving


Directions: In a chilled cocktail glass filled with ice, add the vodka, brandy, and sherry. Top off with Champagne and add the lemon twist for garnish.

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Mama June: From Not to Hot is back for an all-new season with all-new drama! Things are turned upside down in the Shannon household with speculation that June might be expecting baby No. 5. Meanwhile, Alana gets the exciting news that she’ll be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. As she heads off to Hollywood, her nerves get the best of her when she’s paired with a cute partner and tasked with performing in front of a large audience. The question on everyone’s mind: Will Alana be the first star eliminated, or will she glide into week 2 of the competition? Find out while enjoying this cocktail inspired by the dancing queen herself! WE call it “A Star is Born” and it features a fruity mix of peach, grapefruit, and vodka, peach, and grapefruit.

Recipe: A Star is Born

2 Servings



In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add vodka, peach schnapps, and grapefruit juice. Shake until chilled. Pour into martini glasses and garnish with star fruit.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the hours until the return of Mama June: From Not to Hot! There’s some unfinished business among June and company that has us not-so-patiently waiting for Season 3. So, WE’re here to ask the important questions concerning June and Geno’s relationship, whispers of a possible pregnancy, the future of Alana’s career in showbiz, and more.

Here are six questions WE want answered during the new season!


It’s no secret June is ready to take a walk down the aisle, but Geno seems to be holding up their happily ever after. When season two came to a close, June hit Geno with an ultimatum that the pair get married or consider calling it quits for good. It remains to be seen if Geno can put his failed marriage in the past and focus on his future with June. One thing’s for sure: WE’ll be rooting for their relationship because they seem like the perfect match.


Speaking of June and Geno, they might want to redirect their attention away from the possibility of marriage and focus on the possibility of a baby! This season, June finds herself stressed out when faced with a potential pregnancy. Things get even more hectic when Geno gets in trouble with the law. With drama at an all-time high, it might not be the best time to welcome a new baby. But, hey, life happens.


June’s been through one hell of a transformation while on her weight loss journey, but as time goes on, she’s slowly making a return to her unhealthy ways. WE’d hate to see her love for Fat Cakes and sweets send all her hard work down the drain. Here’s to hoping her trip to Fit Farm will whip her back into shape!


Season 2 left off with Pumpkin and Josh tying the knot just months after welcoming baby Ella into the family. WE can’t help but wonder how their relationship is holding up after such huge transitions. Add to the fact that they’re looking to move out of June’s house, it’ll be interesting to see how they keep their romance alive.


Sure, June and Jennifer (somewhat) made peace in Las Vegas last season, but WE all know it’s only a matter of time before the two butt heads again. This season, they’ll go pound-for-pound in an outrageous weight loss competition at fit camp. With their weight and pride on the line, it’s almost inevitable that the claws will come out.


Alana is ready to make her mark on Hollywood! Over the last year, she made her debut on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors and has been committed to adding the title of “actress” to her résumé. There’s no denying she has the ability to entertain, but does she have what it takes to make it to the A-list (or will her star fizzle out)? You’ll have to wait and see!

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This week’s Hip Hop Thursday has TWO season finales WE’ve all been waiting for! On Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela and the #GUHH crew have to deal with a tragedy they never saw coming. On Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, the couples will make a final decision about the future of their relationships. After learning of Jessica’s deception during Lie Detector Day, will Shawne ever set a wedding date? Will Soulja Boy propose to Nia? Has Lil’ Mo had enough of Karl’s lies? Find out if these couples are meant to be while enjoying a “Mint to Be,” a refreshing and sweet cocktail with a mix of mint, cucumber, and gin!

Recipe: Mint to Be

1 Serving



Combine all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Slightly muddle the cucumber and mint (avoid bruising the mint). Add ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with cucumber wheel.

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The season finale of Love After Lockup is finally here! Marcelino and Brittany are ready to tie the knot, while Caitlin is dealing with Matt potentially having to serve more prison time. Tracie is about to be released from prison (again), but will Clint be a no-show when it’s time to get picked up? And FINALLY…WE get to experience the showdown between Megan and Sarah! Looks like these two might need “A Shot of Jell-o-sy,” a gelatin shot filled with whipped cream vodka!

Recipe: A Shot of Jell-o-sy

15 – 20 Shots



Pour boiling water into a large mixing bowl. Add the packet of gelatin and stir until the powder is dissolved. Add the vodka and cold water and continue to stir until evenly mixed. Pour the mixture into the plastic containers and refrigerate. Wait until the mix turns to gelatin and top with whipped cream before serving.

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This week’s Hip Hop Thursday has a few surprises we never saw coming! On Growing Up Hip Hop, Romeo makes an appearance in New York without Angela’s prior knowledge and their encounter leaves everyone in shock. Meanwhile, Jojo is freaking out about planning his proposal, and Briana’s arrival to Boogie’s showcase has everyone on edge! Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition is heating up because it’s lie detector day! Who will tell the truth, and whose lies will be revealed? Find out while sipping on the “Lime Detector,” a refreshing cocktail with hints of lime and cranberry!

Recipe: Lime Detector

4-6 Servings



Combine all the ingredients in a large pitcher filled with ice, adding the soda last to the mix. Gently stir all ingredients together. Pour into a cocktail glass, add garnish and serve immediately.

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Tonight’s all-new episode of Love After Lockup has the showdown WE’ve all been waiting for! Sarah will finally confront Megan after finding out about Michael’s secret affair. Elsewhere, Scott and Lizzie get into their first major fight, Caitlin receives a call from Matt that crushes her spirit, and Marcelino has a big surprise for Brittany. Plus, Clint has a major meltdown when Tracie questions their relationship. Sip on this fruity and refreshing cocktail called “The Runaway” while catching up on all the drama. 

Recipe: The Runaway

1 Serving



Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled. Pour into a glass and add your garnish!

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This week’s Hip Hop Thursday is overflowing with drama! On tonight’s Growing Up Hip-Hop, Vanessa decides to take matters into her own hands and confront Romeo about his feelings for Angela. Later, Lil Eazy-E decides to call Briana out on her bad behavior, which results in someone getting a drink thrown in their face! Over on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, the challenges are getting dangerous and the fights are getting crazier. The couples will be tested on their willingness to make sacrifices for one another, and Lil’ Mo will get revenge on Karl for his midnight FaceTime.

The couples are also tasked with mixing up a few cocktails and this week’s “Hip Hop Happy Hour” comes from Lil’ Fizz. Appropriately dubbed “The Fizzle-lini,” this refreshing cocktail features honey whiskey, peach schnapps, orange juice, and a splash of bubbly. Drink up and get fizzy! 

Recipe: The Fizzle-lini

1 Serving



Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Pour in the whiskey, peach schnapps, and orange juice. Shake mixture and pour into a champagne flute. Top off with Champagne and add an orange twist for garnish.

Enjoy “The Fizzle-lini” while watching Growing Up Hip Hop (9|8c) and Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition (10|9c)! Don’t forget to follow #GUHH and #HipHopBootCamp on Instagram and Snapchat to celebrate “Hip Hop Happy Hour” every week!

Tonight’s all-new episode of Love After Lockup has more drama than WE could ask for! Megan comes to town to visit Michael which leads him to a shocking parole violation that no one expected. Meanwhile, Brittany shares some exciting news with Marcelino, Scott struggles to tell Lizzie he’s broke, Caitlin and Matt continue to butt heads, and Clint’s trip to see Tracie in jail takes a turn for the worse. This episode is perfect to pair with a “Confrontation Celebration,” a sweet mix of vodka, frosting, and sprinkles!

Recipe: Confrontation Celebration

4-6 Servings



Microwave frosting for 15-25 seconds, until it’s warm and pourable. Pour the frosting into a container with a tight-fitting lid. Add the vodka, then seal and shake until the frosting is mixed. Dip the rim of your glasses into the honey, and then into the sprinkles. Pour the drink into the decorated glasses and enjoy!

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