The drama never ends for the Life After Lockup cast! Clint is hiding a big secret from Tracie, Michael threatens parole to see his new baby being born, and Scott freaks out on Lizzie when she starts making accusations about another woman. However, none of this compares to the shocking news Brittany receives about her best friend, Sascha’s court hearing. You’re going to be saying (and drinking) “Oh, (S)ugar (H)oney (I)ced (T)ea!” too when you see the end to this week’s episode!

Recipe: Oh, (S)ugar (H)oney (I)ced (T)ea!

1 pitcher



In a pitcher, pour boiling water over sugar and honey. Stir until the mixture is dissolved. Add the tea bags, cover, and steep for 5 minutes. Discard the tea bags and stir in the cold water, bourbon, and lemon juice. Chill for 30 minutes to 12 hours. Serve over ice and garnish.

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It’s going down this week in the ATL! Drea and her family have to deal with R. Kelly’s child support battle in the public eye after it explodes into chaos. And speaking of Drea, Deb and Brat clash over their relationship with her. Ayana raises suspicions about Brandon’s firefighting career, and Bow and Brandon finally face off! But it doesn’t stop there! The cherry on top, or in this case the salt on the rim, is when ReeMarkable’s performance backfires. Find out what happens during this week’s episode and enjoy a “ReeMarkable-rita” while you watch!

Recipe: ReeMarkable-rita

2 margaritas



Run a lime slice along the rim of your margarita glass. Dip the rim of the glass onto a small plate with coarse salt until coated. Set aside. Mix tequila, Cointreau, and lime juices together in a cocktail shaker. Shake until combined. Taste and add sweetener as desired. Start with a small amount, ¼ to ½ teaspoon. Mix after each addition and taste again. Fill salt rimmed glasses with ice. Pour the margarita mix over ice. Garnish with a lime slice and serve immediately.

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A lot of second chances are being given to our Life After Lockup cast. Clint’s mom finally agrees to meet Tracie, Lizzie travels out to California to see Scott, and Lamar is given a second chance at life after being released from prison. Elsewhere, Brittany needs to decide if she wants to give Marcelino a second chance after he flips out, and Michael has to make that same decision when Megan finally shares her secret. Our cast should have our cocktail this week because “When Life Gives You Limoncello,” second chances need to be taken seriously.

Recipe: When Life Gives You Limoncello

1 pitcher



In a large pitcher, whisk together Prosecco and Limoncello. Serve over raspberries. Garnish with mint.

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Our Life After Lockup cast are risking everything this week! Tracie lives on the edge during her last hours pf parole, while Brittany is terrified by a warning from her lawyer regarding her ex-husband. Lizzie risks her relationship with her daughter by making a bold move, and Michael spends his first hours of freedom with Megan (not his family). And, when Lamar comes home to a very cold environment, he wonders if everything he built has been ruined. Seems like our cast could use a “Life is But a Cream-sicle” to remind them that with actions, comes consequences!

Recipe: Life is But a Cream-sicle

1 large cocktail



Put your glasses in the freezer 15 minutes before preparing the cocktail. (This fills a large glass; if you have smaller ones, it will equate 2 servings). Put a small scoop of ice cream and a small scoop of sherbet in bottom of glass. Add vodka, orange liqueur, and orange juice on top of ice cream and sherbet. Top each glass with a splash of orange soda. Garnish with whipped cream and sprinkles.

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Things are heating up on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta! Bow gets a surprise visit from former flame, Angela Simmons, while Tammy shoots her first sexy music video. The feud continues between Ayana and Brandon, and ReeMarkable goes to Deb and Brat for guidance. The whole cast is really beginning to go after what they want, which is why a “Preach the Peach” is the perfect #HipHopHappyHour cocktail for this week!

Recipe: Preach the Peach

1 pitcher



In a blender, combine the lemonade and peaches and blend until smooth. Pour into a large pitcher. Add the bourbon, stirring to combine. Chill until ready to serve. To serve, fill glasses with ice and garnish with fresh peaches. Drink and enjoy!

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The music industry is a fickle one, with talent here today and gone tomorrow. But, one man has stood the test of time and has continued his dominance: Jermaine Dupri.

The legendary producer and songwriter will be at the center of Power, Influence & Hip Hop: The Remarkable Rise of So So Def, a one-hour documentary uncovering the unique history of the storied record label. Jermaine will chronicle the early days of So So Def, how the label came to shape Atlanta’s music scene, and his rise to becoming a music mogul.

The special will also feature never-before-seen archival footage and original interviews with Jermaine’s contemporaries including Mariah Carey, Usher, Snoop Dogg,, Da Brat, Bow Wow, and Nelly.

Power, Influence & Hip Hop: The Remarkable Rise of So So Def premieres Thursday, July 18 at 10|9c, following an all-new episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Get a sneak peek below!


Relationships are beginning to crack for our couples on Life After LockupMegan is on the hunt for the truth from Michael, while Tracie pressures Clint into letting her meet his mom unexpectedly. In California, Andrea has a breakdown at Lamar’s release and worries if her children will accept him back into their lives. If only our cast had a “Kiwi To My Heart,” they may be able to unlock the love inside of them and end the drama once and for all.

Recipe: Kiwi To My Heart

1 cocktail



Slice lime into 3-4 pieces. Peel kiwi and dice into large chunks. Put lime, kiwi, and sugar into cocktail shaker. Muddle until liquid is formed. Add white rum and ice cubes. Shake until shaker becomes frosty. Pour into martini glass. Garnish with a slice of kiwi cut in the shape of a heart.

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Everybody is going crazy for this week’s #HipHopHappyHour! On Growing on Hip Hop: Atlanta, Bow has to deal with the consequences of his actions through tough love from his family, Tammy gets real with Drea – which causes Tammy to do a double-take about her and Waka’s relationship. And finally, Brandon is back and is bringing the drama with him in full force. With everything in the ATL “Going Bananas” this week, will enjoy this frozen coffee drink with a sweet and fruity flair! 

Recipe: Gone Bananas

1-3 servings



In order, add ice, milk, coffee, banana, rum, and vanilla into blender. Blend on low and gradually increase to low-medium for 45 seconds. After fully blended, pour and serve immediately!

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This Friday, WE are feeling “Free As A Bird!” On the season premiere of Life After Lockupmany of our inmates are getting the sweet taste of freedom as Tracie finishes up her final hours of parole and Michael is released from jail (again). Off-parole Brittany is even learning what normalcy is as she begins her new life with husband Marcelino, son Giovanni, and new baby girl. With all this freedom, it looks like the whole cast will need to “toast to life” with a glass of “Free As A Bird,” a fun twist on The Aviation that substitutes creme de violette with creme de cassis, giving it a subtle berry taste.

Recipe: Free As A Bird

1 serving



Combine all ingredients in a shaker over ice; shake and strain into a cocktail glass.

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