Braxton Hairstylists Reveal Sisters’ Wig and Weave Secrets!

Ever wonder how the Braxton sisters get their hair looking so fantastic? Hear from the women who make it all possible.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Braxton Hairstylists Reveal Sisters’ Wig and Weave Secrets!

If you know your Braxton sisters (and we know you do!), you know they love their wigs, weaves and extensions. We spoke to two of their hairstylists to get the “mane” scoop and the latest on their locks.

Hairdresser Marie Brown, who has worked with all the sisters but mainly Toni, confirms that Toni loves her wigs and weaves. But she also has a few more stylist secrets to share.

“Toni loves hair dye — she uses a stain on her hairline to make her hair look thicker. It’s kind of a weird thing. We like to mold it so it looks fuller,” Brown reveals.  But don’t go near her with a hair dryer.

“She’s a no-heat type of girl — she doesn’t like any heat on her hair,” Brown says.

Brown has worked with Toni since the beginning of her music career, and of all the styles she’s worn from long to pixie, Toni likes her hair short the most.

“She thinks short is the most flattering, but the public likes it long,” Brown says. “Her favorite color is red but she always goes back to blonde.”

As for the other sisters, Trina doesn’t chemically treat her hair, and they all wear wigs and like their hair blonde, Brown says. (Brown once colored Tamar’s wigs for Braxton Family Values.)

Stylist Dawn White, who currently works at Salons of Atlanta, has been working with Toni and the Braxton ladies for a year — and she too has some secrets to spill.

“Toni is the most versatile with color and lengths, and Traci is the most bold with color and short styles. They all love wigs and extensions! It’s a great way to protect and preserve the health of their hair, and a convenient way to maintain their stylish looks with their busy schedules,” she says.

Like Brown, White works with Toni to avoid over-heating her hair.

“Toni prefers roller sets for the volume, and maintains her style by pin curling her hair to minimize dryness that may occur by over-usage of heating tools, curling and flat irons, etc. She also likes a great edge tamer, which helps to finish your style by creating a clean frame around the face.”

As far as her clients go, White says the Braxtons are “fearless” when it comes to trying new things.

“They love experimenting with their looks and style, as well as in their daily lifestyle choices. They’re definitely a fun crowd to work with!” she says. Now, why doesn’t that surprise us?