You Told Us: Who Was This Season’s Biggest “Bridezilla”?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Told Us: Who Was This Season’s Biggest “Bridezilla”?

The eighth season of “Bridezillas” came to a wild ending on Sunday, with fake eyelashes, sake bombs and a food fight. But now that it’s all over, we’re wondering: Who was the biggest Bridezilla of them all? Here’s what you told us on Facebook (it’s bad news for Johanne and Ray Rae):

“Johanne was the biggest Bridezilla. That was crazy how she was cheating in the next room,” sent by Patricia Smith.

“Cannot believe that Ed actually married Johanne last night. I give that marriage 3 months at the most,” sent by Carol Dukes.

“I think Ray Rae and Johanne,” sent by Iesha Mason.

“Johanne … I can’t believe she roped that poor guy into marrying her. I want to see where they are in 6 months,” sent by Kathy Winans Burke.

“Ray Rae was a mess just embarrassing,” sent by Elsha Sixx Johnson.

“Johanne was awful. I can’t believe she’s someone’s mom,” sent by Whitney Shaffer.

“Ray Rae!” sent by Varshun Washington.

“The biggest Bridezilla was Rae Rae, ‘cause she was so demanding. She ended up getting 3 dresses! She got kicked outta a bar, told off the in-laws and threatened to beat everyone up all the time! She was somehow lovable though … lol,” sent by Meghan Wahalla Drexler.

“Daphne was also a pretty big pain. Johanne was just a trick, not necessarily a Bridezilla,” sent by Amanda Sanchez.

“This time was nasty Ray Rae, she had on white shoes with a black dress and sat on that guy’s bike without panties … eww!!” sent by Tracy Brown.

“Ray Rae: Wedding dress order/coming from Paris but never delivered, cost of wedding 35,000 dollars lol, not wearing any panties, calling herself a high-class princess! Messy hair (too much gel), car running out of gas, cussing her hubby’s step mom over 50 dollars. Cussing in church. Doing her royal Princess Kate dance, arguing over cuss music on her wedding day! Well that’s most of it. Ray Rae has my vote! 2nd place Johanne, 3rd place Suzy,” sent by Denise Alexander.

“Ray Rae and Porsha,” sent by Tricia Challenger.

“Ray Rae and Porsha are in a tie for me,” sent by Courtney Perry.

“The worst this season has got to be this last one — Johanne. Yikes! And her poor dupe of a fiance STILL married the witch. Some men are just b-l-i-n-d. Geesh……,” sent by Joan Peckham Korber.

“Oh, that’s hard, Ray Rae swearing her head off in the back of the church with all the guests listening, Johanne’s threesome on camera and then denying it. Overall Ray Rae, never saw a human being act that way in my entire life, wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it. Disgusting. I want to know what Johanne’s husband did after the show aired and he learned about the threesome,” sent by Jilly Swan.