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Cake Catastrophe!

This delivery with my mom was a nightmare! The art deco wedding cake has separators in it. I HATE delivering cakes with separators. They’re just so unstable, or maybe I’m doing something wrong?! So to be on the safe side, I didn’t even stack the top tier of the cake.

It was a pretty rocky start from Staten Island but we were doing fine. We got intoManhattan and we weren’t exactly sure what block we had to turn on. Manhattan is SO confusing, especially downtown! Of course we didn’t turn down the right block and had to go down another street to get to the venue. As we turn the corner onto the street of City Hall restaurant, we hit a giant pothole and I heard THUMP!!!!! My heart dropped, I knew something happened to the cake.

My mom stopped the car in the middle of the street and I ran out to see what the hell happened. I opened the trunk and the cake fell over!!!! I didn’t even stack this cake all the way for this reason and it still fell!!!!! I hate potholes more than anything. Cake deliveries are rough to begin with; with potholes…forget it!!!!!

I held the cake in my hands and went into the restaurant with my mom. Thankfully it wasn’t terribly damaged, just the backside. We managed to place the cake table in the corner of the room and hide the messed up part facing the wall. The bride and groom would have never even known what a disaster that was, but I had to tell them! Luckily they didn’t care at all and absolutely loved the cake!

This was not the first time a cake fell on me. June of 2009 was the worst cake catastrophe I ever had!!! Sam had gone away one week to Bermuda and left me all by my lonesome. This was before Jess and Teresa worked for me. I had my 2 best friends Rob and Bianca come in and work with me that week (what a bad decision that was). To top off not having an actual cake employee, my central air ran out of coolant during a heat wave!!! This is no joke and not made up, people probably wouldn’t believe me.

We had a cake order for a 3 tier cake as gift boxes for a Sweet 16. They wanted the gift boxes to be off centered and not stacked directly on top of one another. I thought it was a great idea and was pretty excited to do the cake. I made the cake and went to stack it, I don’t know exactly what got into me but I didn’t dowel the cake properly. Before we delivered, I noticed it was leaning over, and as the day went on and it got hotter, it started to lean more. I told my friends lets just get this in the car and bring it to the hall, get it out of our hands. Rob and Bianca got in my car with the cake and brought it to the hall, or at least tried to. I got a phone call not even 10 minutes later and I see my car outside. I run outside to see Bianca sitting in the front seat of my car with red velvet cake EVERYWHERE!!!! The entire cake basically crumbled to pieces. I mean there was no saving this, it looked like there was a bomb inside and it exploded!!!!! I was horrified and had no idea what to do. There was red velvet cake all over my car. Luckily I had a 10inch and 8inch red velvet cake crumb coated in the fridge for the party the next day. I covered them and decorated them as fast as I could, of course looking nothing like gift boxes but it was something.

I brought it to the hall and showed the woman, she wasn’t very happy with it but was grateful for my honesty and trying to fix this disaster. Naturally I refunded her the money and luckily she had a cake, not the one she wanted but a cake. I rushed back to the store and baked more cake for the day after. It was a horrible weekend!!!!! Now, I’m dowel crazy and make sure my central air is ready to go in May for the summer!!! LOL

The client actually came back and has ordered several cakes since then; luckily it wasn’t a total disaster. We have a running joke about it and I think she’s pretty nervous every time I go to deliver a cake!

So I’m not really complaining too much about the wedding cake falling over in the car, at least it was salvageable and looked nice (well from the front). Cake catastrophes are the worst. People pay so much money for cakes, the last thing you want (as the designer) is to have a wreck on your hands! Hopefully something like that will never happen to me again!