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Casey on Episode 7: Who Doesn’t Like Wine?

Ah, the wine tour. To this day, the words “wine tour” make me kind of cringe! Hopefully that will pass, because let’s face it; drinking wine is fun and tasty!

The morning of the wine tour I woke up to a very sick child. Like most moms out there, I did NOT want to leave my child when I felt they needed me most. I know my husband would have been just fine, but it’s just in my nature to be with my kiddos when they are sick.

I immediately texted Suz and Teryn and told them I wouldn’t make the wine tour. I do admit, however, I should have texted Candace directly since she was the one planning it. And for that, I am sorry. But my head was only thinking of my kiddo and my bff’s were first on my to-dial list. While I was tending to my sick kid, my phone was not by my side every moment. I mean, I wasn’t even texting Suz back when she checked on us a couple times. When I did text Teryn back, it was because she was the last one to text when I picked up my phone.

I was NOT going to attend the wine tour. My kids are more important than a day drinking wine with “friends”. But as my child got better that day, my husband urged me to go for a couple reasons. First, he thought there may be a SLIM chance that I would enjoy this wine tour with all the girls… like I said, slim. Second, the bigger probability was that drama would ensue and it would be better to get the confronting with Tonia and Candace over with if all was well in my house. So, I decided to jump head first onto that grenade. Who likes awkward, drama filled Sundays? I do! (SARCASM)!
Walking in the wine bar was PAINFUL, to say the least! Holy tension. Everyone had someone they didn’t want to be around. And it was obvious! So thirty seconds after I walked in, Candace asks Tonia outside, and my thought was “This couldn’t possibly be more fun unless someone was poking needles in my eye, pulling out my toe nails one by one and forcing me to listen to Justin Bieber, all at the same time”.

When Candace and Tonia came back, Candace immediately asked if anyone had a problem, an issue to talk about. In my head I saw this as “(hand raised) pick me, pick me!”

At that moment, I KNEW there wasn’t going to be any genuine “OMG I am so sorry Casey”. All I did hear were excuses. And did anyone else notice that in previous episodes Candace said “Yes, I did know you worked at Hooters”. Yet when they show the scene at the restaurant she says “I haven’t heard this story, come on tell?” So which was it? And when I left the wine tour, I still never felt like I got a true explanation as to why she acted like she didn’t know. And WHY oh WHY, when she tells everyone “Tonia doesn’t want to talk about it anymore” do we have to listen, but when I clearly state at the restaurant “I’m done talking about it”, it was laughable to them. Food for thought people.

But honestly, after we left the wine bar, I was over it. Agree to disagree on the situation was the best I was going to get. And honestly, I have much bigger problems to stress about. It was over in my mind. Not saying damage wasn’t done and trust was fully in tact, but I was over it. Girl drama sucks and that day ranks right up there with root canals, annual exams and car shopping… PAINFUL!