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Casey on Episode 8: Moving On!

Seeing friends go through hard times just rips your heart out! Seeing Steph and Jerald going through hard marital times was just like that. I hated this for her and her kiddos.

But I know of a good distraction from just about anything… 30E’s people. 30E’s. Yep, I just distracted you! Suz and I taking Stephanie bra shopping was fun. In my true fashion, I was a little late but was there to see the larger than life ta-tas on the SMALLEST larger than life person I have ever met! I was happy to see Steph pleased with her body, but you could tell she was thinking about her marriage and Jerald. I just wanted to hug her…but was careful not to pop the new additions! She just had so much going on!

Speaking of another heart wrenching moment, Sydney and Peyton’s princess party was one of them. While the theme of Princess overload was in full effect, and every little girl in there was happy as they have ever been, I could tell it was hard on Tonia. And I imagine I would feel the same exact way. It was great to see Rob and Tonia with the girls – for the girls. But I did feel for Tonia. The party was a hit to all the little girls and was sooooo beautiful! I will admit, I feel like a bit of a slacker with my kids’ birthdays now, and need to step it up!

I remember where I was when Suz called me to tell me “Jerald just left Stephanie”. I thought, there is no way! They have kids, she just had surgery, they just got a new house, he just got a new job, etc. But when Suz came to pick me up and we went to Steph’s, sure enough he had. Sitting in Steph’s house talking about her marriage made me so sad. Sad for her and her kids. I was shocked at how well she was taking it. It made me want to go home and renew my vows right then and there! She is SUCH a strong person, and she is a great mother. I knew she would be okay, but it’s heartbreaking all the same. I just want her to find absolute true love and happiness.

Having the barbeque at our house was bittersweet. It was the end of a unique journey called reality TV. What a roller coaster ride it was! I had learned a lot about people, friends and myself. My friendships that were true grew stronger. My eyes were more wide open. I was learning to relax and let go a lot more… and liking it! I’m sad to see it over but thankful for the experience. And HOPEFUL that we get to continue our journey in front of the best fans ever! Thanks for watching!