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David Thornton On The Season 1 Finale

21 years of marriage is a long time. A lot can go on. But when I look at Cyn’s life before us, I am profoundly moved by the scope and breadth of her experiences. Reading her memoir, I like everyone else I’m sure, was at times struck by the honesty of her many hardships, while inspired by her dogged intensity to never give in.

Tonight’s finale is no different. It’s never the end with Cyn, but always another beginning. There is always a new corner ahead to round, and another challenge awaiting. And a new pair of stilettos to dig in her heals for the good fight.

Kinky Boots is an amazing piece of theatre. When I saw it out in Chicago, I wanted to observe the audience members during the show and study their reactions, but all too quickly, I got swept away in the show’s wonderful current. I laughed out loud; I was even brought to tears, and at the end…I left the theatre feeling , so lucky, six inches off the ground loving the music, and momentarily forgetting I was married to the writer.

I hope you all get the chance to see Kinky Boots, and read Cyn’s memoir too. And I want to take this moment to thank you all for tuning in for the show. Stay tuned, Cyn is never done. I’m not even sure Cyn’s arrived at Base Camp, yet alone the Summit of her life.

And for me…well I have already put in a new order for bottled oxygen.

Thanks again for watching.