10 Things You DON’T Want Mom to Know

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Things You DON’T Want Mom to Know

Most of us turn to our moms for advice — but as Melissa Rivers has learned the hard way, Mom doesn’t always know best. Whether you’re facing financial trouble like the Downsized gang, marital issues like the Braxton sisters or thinking about getting hitched, sometimes it’s better to keep mom in the dark. Here are 10 things you generally DON’T want Mom to know:

1. That you cut school

When it comes to school, most of us want our moms to think we’re Little Miss Perfect — even if we’re secretly skipping chemistry and flunking geometry.

2. That you experimented with drugs or alcohol

Mom still doesn’t know about the night we took a puff of a cigarette (nasty!), drank too many beers and suffered a regrettable hangover. And we’d like to keep it that way.

3. That you lost your virginity

Whether you’re 16 or 23, most of don’t want Mom to know about our deflowering — if only to avoid getting “the talk” for the umpteenth time.

4. That you think he might be “the one”

Falling in love is wonderful news — but once Mom catches wind of how serious you are, she’s going to be planning the wedding Momzilla-style before you’re even engaged.

5. That you actually like your mother-in-law

Believe it or not, some of us actually adore our mothers-in-law. But don’t let Mom know it unless you want to deal with the green-eyed monster!

6. That you’re trying for a baby

There are few things more exciting than trying to conceive, but once Mom finds out, she’s going to be bugging you even more than Aunt Flo.

7. That you’re planning a big move

Mom doesn’t intend to let those grandkids out of her sight. So if you’re thinking of relocating across the country, you might want to keep it a secret until it’s final. Then break the news gently.

8. That you’re having financial trouble

In this economy, many of us have faced layoffs, foreclosures and worse. But Mom has her own issues — you don’t want her worrying about you, too.

9. That you’re having marital problems

Everyone has a big fight now and then — but Mom has a knack for taking exactly the wrong side. Save her shoulder to cry on for when you REALLY need it!

10. That you don’t always take her advice

Whether you’re deciding to be a working mother or to have only one child, sometimes you just have to ignore mom’s opinion and do what’s right for you.