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Blog Post: Melissa on Episode 2: Extreme Make Under

“I never thought anything could be more upsetting than catching your parents in bed but there is. Catching your best friend and boyfriend in bed.”


Blog Post: Joan on Episode 2: Extreme Make Under

“This week was rough! EVERYONE in the house had drama. I went from one mess to another to another – I started to feel like Betty White’s caregiver. “


Show Page: Extreme Make Under

Joan’s glamorous image keeps her from getting acting roles so she undergoes a make-under.

Shaun's Breakthrough

Photo Gallery: Episode 2
Death or Divorce

Divorce court sends Shaun on a drunken bender which sparks a savage household brawl. Spouses must face the potential of losing their spouses.


Blog Post: Episode 2
Death or Divorce Day 2

“I don’t consider myself violent, but when you’re in a house full of people, Christians or not – the lines are bound to get crossed and that’s just what happened – you can’t dip in someone’s business to tell them to mind their business – makes no sense.”