At Home with the Herberts and Ebony Magazine

It seemed like even WE had to settle for just one picture of #TamarandVince’s baby, Logan; talk about TORTURE (and WE are the #WEtvInsider!). It seemed like Logan was becoming the network’s best kept secret; WE even saw a picture of Prince George before WE caught a glimpse of Logan. However, we finally get our #babymartian fix thanks to #babymartianEbony Magazine!

Tamar and Logan grace the cover of this month’s issue of Ebony, and Vince joins these two Herberts inside for a spread of the happy family at home. Even Mama E made the cut. WE don’t want to take sides, but WE think Logan is a spitting image of his daddy… especially because he seems to be enamored by Tamar just as much as Vince! #MiniVince

WE can’t wait to see more of Logan and the Herberts in the next few months!