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Breezy & Karrueche: A Love Like Lennon’s?

Chris Brown’s on and off again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, is even more delusional than we thought. She insinuated that her relationship with Chris Brown is comparable to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s. We’ll give you a minute to pick your mouth up off the floor.

After Chris was released from jail, Karrueche posted a picture with her boyfriend in a collage alongside John and Yoko. And this isn’t the first time she linked her relationship with that of the famous Beatles singer. After Chris Brown finished his stint in rehab last February, she posted John and Yoko’s famous Rolling Stone cover (which she promptly deleted due to backlash) and a picture of Yoko Ono at the Grammys with a heart as the caption. #ByeFelicia!

We get it: everyone aspires to find a love like the legendary rock-and-roll couple but Karrueche’s troubled affair with Breezy doesn’t even begin to compare:

For one, John never publicly admitted to being in love with his ex-girlfriend, while Chris Brown posted a video on his messy love triangle with Karrueche and Rihanna. And to make matters worse, Chris Brown wound up in jail for essentially cheating on Karrueche: he violated his probation by allegedly flirting with women at his rehab center – John Lennon would never! The icing on the cake? In Chris Brown’s new song, “Loyal,” he croons about his mistrust of women who leave their boyfriends for men with more money. Not quite the declaration of love that Lennon’s song “Oh My Love,” was for Yoko Ono.

R&B and rock-and-roll fans are angry and a bit confused by Karrueche comparing her relationship to John and Yoko’s, given her public fights and repeat break-ups with Chris Brown. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s just a fan of the late Beatles singer and his wife. But Karrueche, word to the wise: no more collages and never, ever try to recreate that famous Rolling Stone cover. Some things are just sacred, and John and Yoko’s relationship is one of them.

Sorry, Karrueche. WE’re calling you out on this one.