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Erica and Warryn Campbell Share Their Love Story

Mary Mary star, Erica Campbell wears many hats; singer, radio personality, mother, but the one she wears proudly is being a wife! Erica and her husband Warryn Campbell have been taking part in a new docu-series on OWN called Black Love. The show features celebrity couples talking about the ups and downs of marriage.

During the episode, Erica revealed that things worked with Warryn because they were both comfortable with themselves.

“I was comfortable with the fact that I’m three years older than him,” she explained.

She added that communication was key while they were dating.

“I was never afraid to say how I felt, even if that meant he may say something different.”

That included the moment she decided to say, ‘I love you.’

Erica and Warryn shared on the show the first time they said those three magic words. Warryn spilled the tea that it was Erica that said it first while he was working in the studio and she tapped him on the shoulder and said “I love you,” and with artists in the studio, Warryn said he responded, “I love you too.” WE have all the feels right now!

How did Warryn know he was ready to say he was in love?

“When I say ‘I love you’ that means I’m prepared to deal with your ignorance and all of the dumb stuff that comes with you.”

Before he ended up in the dog house with Erica he clarified,

“That means all of the stuff that I don’t like about you, I love that too is what I’m saying,” Warryn explained.

WE just love this couple! To watch the love continue to flow through their relationship, tune in to the final season of Mary Mary premiering September 28 at 9|8c.