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HE Tells All: Bridezillas, Brittany & Michelle

It is human nature for men to do whatever they can to win over a woman’s heart. On first dates we will open car doors, take women on dates we can’t afford and spend time with her friends that we might honestly think are bad influences. We will do whatever it takes to feel like the man of your dreams. But eventually the time comes where we realize the jackasses that we have become who spent half the rent money on a Louis Vuitton purse that she only wore once.

In the last episode of Bridezillas we found out that Bobby, Brittany’s groom, is paying for the entire wedding. After this episode I think Brittany said it best when she confessed that she “wore the pants.” Bobby is still in the phase of trying to be “the man” instead of being a man. Bobby shouldn’t need to impress Brittany anymore by not acting his “wage.” If she doesn’t understand that being able to buy groceries is more important than trips to propose in New York, a man should realize she needs to get dropped off at the nearest bus stop cuz she ain’t ready for the ride of her life. Why should she ride in the rosy red Charger when she couldn’t even handle the Prius?

Did you see when he tried to defend Brittany after she started crying when Bobby’s friends were joking around? I could not take him seriously. “Guys come on…the drama starts when everyone starts talking.” He reminded me of a little choo- choo train who hasn’t yet reached the top of the hill. I just know it won’t take long for Bobby to get over the hill when he is loaded with piles of debt racked up by Brittany. Next stop…Brokeville!

Jeremi Dudu is an intern in the Digital Media department at WE tv. He enjoys writing about health, wellness and relationships. Jeremi received his degree in Communication from the University of Southern California.