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How Many Ways Does Toni Braxton Love Birdman?

How many ways does Toni Braxton love Birdman? She can count the ways and she did in a recent interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1. Looking in from the outside, many have wondered when the Grammy Award-winning singer saw sparks between her and the hip hop mogul, Birdman. They have reportedly been dating for a couple of years now, and Toni opened up about what she likes so much about the rapper.

But first, Toni promised that the couple is not married despite little sister, Tamar Braxton’s claims.

“We are not married, I promise you. If we were married, I wouldn’t deny it if someone asked me,” she said. “I’m not married.”

She says her and Birdman have been besties for years, even when she was married. And, as for getting Mama E’s approval on this budding relationship, well…

“My mom loves him,” Toni added.

Toni revealed that being with Birdman makes her feel alive.

“We’re the girls who got caught up in the image of being a good girl and forgot to read the book. And so, we only read the cliff notes and forgot to be happy. Bad boys remind you that you’re alive,” said Toni.

She also revealed that Birdman’s hard exterior doesn’t mean he isn’t a gentleman.

“He’s such a gentleman, opening doors, he’s just a gentleman. I promise you.” She added, “He’s very traditional about family and values.”

She says they have date nights, and while he prefers to rent out an entire movie theater, she wants to just be a normal couple and go to the movies.

As for the shiny rock on her finger, she cleared up the speculation surrounding it.

“It was a birthday gift, I’m not married.”

Toni said it made her look at Birdman differently when she got sick last October. Saying he was by her side almost every day. And after recovery, he even went with her on tour to make sure she was okay.

“It made me see him differently, like this person really cares for me,” she said.

The overall status of her relationship? Toni said she’s having fun and she’s happy. WE hear that!

Check out the entire interview here:

WE can’t wait to see if the romance between Toni and Birdman continues to blossom when Braxton Family Values returns in March!