How Spencer and Heidi REALLY Felt About Marriage Boot Camp

WE all remember back in 2015 when Spencer and Heidi Pratt, a.k.a Speidi, came to Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars hoping to fix their relationship problems and come out the other side even stronger. Even though the couple has said in the past that they believe Boot Camp helped them, they recently stopped by the former “Bachelorette”, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast to spill some tea on living in the #MarriageBootCamp mansion, the status of their marriage, and their soon-to-come baby.

On the show, Kaitlyn asked the couple how they felt about Boot Camp, and now WE know how they really feel and well, THEY LOVED IT!

What was Spencer’s favorite part of Boot Camp? The food! He went on to say that “Marriage Boot Camp had the best food.” Meanwhile, Heidi loved the “luxury” of having their own bedroom and bathroom, getting to go outside, and the sacred hour that they were allowed to use their phones, which was a big difference from the other shows they had been on in the past.

The couple even tried to convince Kaitlyn to go on the show with her fiancé Shawn Booth, to which Kaitlyn replied she would definitely consider after hearing Speidi’s experience. WE are so happy Spencer and Heidi enjoyed their time at Boot Camp, and can’t wait to see what they are up to next! To listen to the couple’s full interview, check it out here!

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