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Inside The Series: SWV

WE are so excited that Coko, Lelee and Taj are joining the WE tv family with the announcement of their new show SWV: Sisters With Voices. While the series documents the ladies making a long-awaited musical comeback, it also gets pretty heavy as a lot of past issues between the group come to light.

Here are some of the most exclusive behind-the-scenes tidbits about the ladies from the people who spend the most time with them – the producers! Find out what Coko ate for lunch, who followed Taj everywhere, Lelee’s nickname and much more!

  • When we filmed with Lelee, it was nice to see how much her children adore her. Sometimes we’d call Lelee “Margaret” because she would make a face or say something exactly like her daughter.
  • Producers had to use dog treats to keep Taj’s dog, Philly, out of scenes we shot with her at her home in Nashville. Philly followed Taj wherever she went.
  • Coko always ordered plain chicken sandwiches for lunch. Always.
  • Lelee had a baby pillow to give her post-surgery booty comfort. It went everywhere with her.  She called it her Boppy. Crew members took to wearing the Boppy as a necklace when holding it off-camera.
  • Taj wears a signature perfume. We could tell if she came into the room even before we saw her.
  • Every time the ladies saw a jewelry or sneaker store in NYC, they had to stop and shop. They would ask if they had time to go, but more often than not, they would already be in there when they asked.
  • Lelee is always late. So much so, in fact, that the producers had to give her a start time at least 30 minutes before Taj and Coko, so things could start on time.
  • During the tour bus ride, Taj kept her earbuds in so she could get caught up on episodes of Braxton Family Values on her iPhone.

Can’t wait for the show to start? Click here to get a sneak peek at the series!