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James Wright Takes GMA!

WE all remember when James Wright became an overnight sensation singing his heart out about Ms. Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie. James’ video went viral and those pies went flying off the shelves. James became such a hit Kim Kimble decided to bring him in on L.A. Hair to help sell her new wig line!

Now James and Patti, who are great friends, have moved on from sweet potato pies and stopped by Good Morning America to talk about Patti’s new cookbook and their relationship. Patti has been collaborating and cooking with James on her show, Patti LaBelle’s Place, and WE can tell her desserts are definitely something to sing about. She even showed off a few of her family recipes including lemon bars and raspberry pie, which looked simply to die for.

WE can’t wait to hear more from this dynamic duo, and would love to get our hands on a few of those recipes.

Check out the full video of Patti and James on GMA here:

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