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Marriage Boot Camp Recap: Dance with the Devil

With tension still high from the night before, the couples need to quickly set aside their differences as they awake to Marriage Boot Camp Director Jim Carroll ordering them to get dressed to the nines.   Once downstairs, they find out they’ll be learning the ‘Dance of Love’ more commonly known as the Tango.  After their lesson, each couple performs the dance, with the best couple winning a specially prepared gourmet meal… the losers get to cook for themselves.  Some couples seem effortlessly in sync (Danni and Marlon) while others are still dancing to the sound of their own tune (Remy and Rob!).  But before they even make it to the judging, Byron collapses and is rushed to the hospital, quickly bringing the Boot Camp activities to a halt, and forcing the other couples to realize how quickly life can turn on a dime.  Danni’s concern for her own husband’s feelings after Byron’s health scare makes the house believe Danni is selfish and only cares about herself and Marlon.  Unbeknownst to his housemates, Byron’s hospital stay may be the result of stress from a dark secret he is trying to keep from being revealed.  See our Top 5 favorite moments from tonight’s #BZBootCamp:

  1. The shocking realization that these couples actually clean up nicely.  Who knew?
  2. Byron checking out the booty of the instructor… maybe if he paid attention to her feet instead of her ass he would have learned some dance moves!
  3. Remy and Rob having their own dance battle on the floor mid-Tango… with matching “cheer faces”
  4. Danni being a bit insensitive for how Porsha and Byron were doing… WE actually agree with Rob (insert a gasp coupled with a shocked face)
  5. Kirsten is a really warm and caring person.  She even made pillows in the shape of Byron so Porsha could sleep.