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What WE Learned Behind The Scenes

WE saw the drama unfold on-screen during the first season of Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, but what was really going on in the Boot Camp Mansion? Our WE tv Insider spoke to the cast to find out all the dish. Here are some of the things that we learned while behind-the-scenes at the Marriage Boot Camp: Reunion:

  • During taping, Melissa and Chris and Danni and Marlon got so close they now call each other “salt and pepper.”
  • Chris’ favorite memory from the show was watching Melissa’s reaction to him jumping off the boat in the sinking ship drill.
  • Byron said that Rob was his best friend in the house. “Rob was pretty cool. He had my back through a lot of things.”
  • Danni still has no idea why the other Boot Campers didn’t shoot her in the paintball drill, but she feels like “it set me up for failure. It was more pressure.”
  • Remy started off disliking Kirsten the most but said after the paintball drill, the couples became really close. “She comes off weird at first, but she made a 180 degree [turn] after the whole comment. She’s an awesome person. I talk to her all the time.”
  • Jim Carroll and David Bishop would eat fast food at every meal while taping Boot Camp.
  • Melissa said that she uses her costumes for Halloween too – not just for pleasure.
  • Elizabeth and Jim Carroll called this “the time of our lives.”
  • Byron said that before he went down during the tango scene, he was “achy for two days. I was hot, flustered and felt weak. I was scared,” he explained.
  • Porsha said that she bonded the most with Remy. “She was just real. She wasn’t trying to hide herself and who she was.”
  • After hours, Melissa and Chris and Danni and Marlon would sneak into each other’s rooms and hang out. “We played Monopoly one night,” said Melissa.  “Our friendship actually made everyone mad in the house.”

  • Jim Carroll said his favorite moment was when Rob ran into the house after the sinking ship drill and started throwing all the furniture around. “I got the biggest kick watching him throw furniture all over the place, running around in his little tighty-whities.”
  • Byron was shocked when he learned about what the rest of the couples thought of him. “I thought I got along with everyone. I didn’t know how they felt about me until recently.”
  • Lisa Hamman said Kirsten running out of the room crying never got old to her. “It was almost like ‘wait for it… wait for it… and there she goes.’”
  • Kirsten said that during the shopping episode, she saw another side to Rob. “I got a chance to call my daughter and was singing to her and I saw his face change,” she said. “It was pretty neat watching him melt.”
  • Porsha brought multiple copies of her divorce papers – just in case.
  • Want to know why no one else had nicknames but Remy and Rob? Jim Carroll explained that they didn’t have enough one on one time to make up names for the rest of the couples.
  • David Bishop said that Rob going out to the bar and giving the lap dance was a “bone-head move.”