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Meet the Couples – Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 3

Love isn’t always the pretty picture they paint on television – it’s about obstacles, fighting and never letting go… literally. In the all-new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars reality TV’s fiercest personalities will be placed in a house to work on their marriages at the helping hands of Jim & Elizabeth Carroll. But, what happens when you place clashing personalities in a house? Will all hell break loose, or will they work together to get the help they’ve been looking for?

Boot Camp is all these couples have left. Will it be the salvation that they’ve been looking for, or will it tear their relationships apart? WE can’t wait to see what happens!

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

How’d they meet? Playboy Golf Tournament
How do we know them? WE tv’s Kendra On Top
What went wrong? Scandalous tabloids of Hank having an affair put a strain on the happy couple’s marriage.. will Boot Camp be enough or are they headed for divorce?
Relationship status: Married

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce

How’d they meet? College sweethearts
How do we know them? Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is famous for the coined “GTL” acronym (gym, tan, laundry) from The Jersey Shore.
What went wrong? Stardom comes at a price, and for Mike that meant addiction. After getting clean, Mike and Lauren rekindled their relationship, but Lauren struggles to fully trust Mike.
Relationship status? Contemplating the next big step

Aubrey O’Day & Travis Garland

How do we know them? Making the Band & Celebrity Apprentice
What went wrong? Miscommunication, lack of trust, allegations of infidelity… the list goes on and on for this rock-star couple. Will they continue to walk to the beat of their own drum, or will they actually listen to Jim and Elizabeth to help strengthen their relationship?
Relationship status? In a relationship

Tami Roman & Reggie Youngblood

How do we know them? Basketball Wives
What went wrong? While she’s been busy with her two beautiful girls, Reggie’s been dreaming of starting a family. Reggie is 17-years-younger than Tami, but will their age and ideas of a happy future be an even bigger issue than their age difference?
Relationship status? In a relationship

Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd

How’d they meet? They fell in love in front of the camera, but will their relationship fall apart in front of it too? The couple met on the set of Big Brother in 2009, but fight to keep their love alive on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars.
How do we know them? Big Brother 11
What went wrong? On the surface, it seems like they are the perfect couple that has it all, but has Jeff had to make as big of a sacrifice for Jordan as she’s had to make for him? She’s moved cross-country for him twice and been taken out of her comfort zone – will love truly be thicker than water?
Relationship status? Engaged

Season 3 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality stars kicks-off this May!