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Ray J Hops Into Bed to Talk ‘Driven To Love’ With HuffPost

Driven to Love star, Ray J joined HuffPost Entertainment live from bed this week. Yes, they conducted the interview in bed!

During the interview, Ray J gave some insight on the series and how it’s offering a new spin on dating. “I drive around New York and I find a girl or a guy who is looking for love. Someone who is probably successful in their workplace, but lacking in their love space,” he explained. “It’s really fun, we play games and at the end of the day, the last person that they pick they fly out of JFK together and have a good time.” Those games can range from anything like snooping through your dates phone to games called “The Magic Mike Challenge” and “The Girlfriend Grill”.

It can be hard to find love these day, but Ray J says New York, where they filmed the show, is the perfect place to find it. “It’s a diverse place and there’s so many different people and everyone here understands a connection.” He wouldn’t spill too much tea, but he did say some of the connections made in the love taxi have been successful, while others have turned out to be crazy.

Watch the entire interview here.

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WE can’t wait to see what goes down in the Love Taxi. Driven to Love premieres this Friday, April 1st 10|9c. Watch a sneak peek here!