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Romeo Miller Gets Some Inspiration from Beychella

Queen Bey’s Coachella performances didn’t just inspire women to go hard after their dreams, it also inspired Growing Up Hip Hop star, Romeo Miller. Talking with TheGrio, he spoke about how inspired he was by all of the women who performed at the festival.

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“Coachella was very inspiring. It definitely was a moment I felt changed my life and my perspective,” he says. “I know a lot of people go there to party and turn up, but I left Coachella inspired to go out there and work 20 times harder. A lot of that has to do with watching Beyoncé. When you see her perform onstage, it goes back to the art and what music is really about.”

WE agree!

His inspiration didn’t just stop at Beyoncé, he went on to explain that watching performances from other artists like SZA, Dej Loaf, and Lion Babe also inspired him. Although, it was Beychella that really made an impression…

“For me it was a life-changing moment seeing the Queen Bee do what she do. It made me realize people still do understand the art of music. That’s why she’s legend. That’s why she’s queen.”

WE know Romeo has taken a bit of a break from the recording booth to focus on his acting, but he tells TheGrio he is ready to put music back on his list of priorities.

“I think that’s why I left [music] because I did accomplish so much [at a young age]. I broke Michael Jackson’s record as a 10-year old. When you’re that young and doing, what you’re doing it’s truly because you really love it,” Romeo added, “As I got older I saw people doing music for the wrong reason.”

WE do know that Romeo dropped recently a single called “Good,” and he made it his theme song while partying at Coachella. WE can’t wait to see if he will hit up the studio again with all this new Beychella inspiration!

Looks like Romeo’s Coachella experience was lit and enlightening! See more of Romeo when Growing Up Hip Hop returns this May!