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Tamar and Vince: A Bump on the Road

It’s time for Tamar to hit the club, but this time she won’t be doing so with a drink in her hand and she’s concerned it won’t be a good time. TVQuote: “Your special guest came from having a good time and there wasn’t no alcohol involved.” Another bone of contention for Tay Tay is that Vince will NOT play #HotSuga for all the club-going #Tamartians! TVQuote: “Every time we talk about it’s like venereal disease.” When it comes down to it, Vince is a business man and ain’t nobody getting a taste of Tamar’s “Hot Sugar” for free (yeah, WE made ourselves laugh too!).

If it was hard hiding Tamar’s “love on top” during her performances, it would be even more difficult to hide Junior’s presence in a restaurant. #WontHeDoIt. TVQuote: “And can you bring me a dessert menu so I can set up my bite real quick?” Vince does want to make sure though that Tamar doesn’t take this as an opportunity to go all H.A.M TVQuote: “You will not have to worry about my snatch back.” I think Vince is just angry because Tamar ate all his heirloom tomatoes and 25 year old balsamic vinegar and they made her dance. He just wants to dance!

The fight over “Hot Suga” continues to Tampa when Tamar is allowed to play the song for a select group of Tamartians, but she is quick to put Vince on blast when the local radio host asks when it’s gonna drop. TVQuote: “It’s like he’s boycotting the record or something. What happened?” Tamar wold rather field these questions than all the questions about when she is having a baby because she is about ready to just tell everyone about Junior. Luckily, she will be heading to Good Morning America to make the big announcement with the sisters.