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Tamar and Vince: It’s A Herbert

The couple we love and adore #TamarandVince is back, and according to LaShawn the couple that “glows together, stays together.” Before Tamar’s “love on top” starts getting noticeable, the couple (accompanied by LaShawn and Terrell) will hit the road to squeeze in a few showcases so everyone can have a sample of what’s to come.

The next form of business is what the next single will be after “Love & War” (which we all know was “The One”), but you know Tay Tay was pulling for “Hot Suga”. But sorry Mrs. Herbert… you can’t be twerkin’ to “Hot Suga” with a baby in your belly! #Ratchet TVQuote: “My hot sugar by the time it comes out is gonna be splenda!” #ohTayTay

Always on her grind, #TamarandVince stop in New York for a few meetings and to have some dinner with Papa Braxton. While WE are sure Papa B. expected this to be a nice dinner, he is getting bombarded with questions about moving into Casa Herbert just like his ex-wife, Ms. E. TVQuote: “Ooo, all of us living together. Let me think about this… Tamar… Good. Baby… Good. Vince… Ehhh. Ms. E… I don’t think so.” Regardless of what Tamar seems to want, Papa Braxton is not budging. He is actually getting a little nasty with Vince when Vince says that they all need Papa B. out in L.A. after the baby is born. Looks like Papa B. isn’t ready to give up rule over Tamar yet… TVQuote: “I didn’t ask you to marry me, I just asked when you were gonna come and watch the baby. Good God.”

#TamarandVince hit up Chicago next because nothing beats the love Tamar receives from her Chicago #Tamartians. While chatting with a local VJ, Tamar gives all the single ladies out there a bit of advice; be stable and know your worth! Talk about the! Besides blessing them with this fabulous knowledge, Tamar will be performing the single “The One” for a few lucky #Tamartians before it comes out on the radio. However, before Tamar can put on this surprise performance she needs to get through sound check with this less than desirable crew. TVQuote: “Ain’t nobody got time for that, though!” While Glenn, the sound check engineer, tries to fix Tamar’s sound quality issues, Tay Tay is more concerned about what Glenn is doing to her mic! TVQuote: “I can’t get no bum bump!” Someone get this Braxton a wet nap or something. #WECant

Tamar is extremely nervous about performing, and she is under even more pressure because no one has ever heard “The One” before. It will truly be just #SheMeHer singing on stage. But you know the #Tamartians loved “The One” and there was no need for her to stress like that. #SheWon After this win, it is time to load up the tour bus and hit the road. TVQuote: “Only V.H. knows how to do it like this. We on the road in style.” Next stop JACKSONVILLE, FL if anyone survives this bus ride with all the bickering going on between LaShawn and Terrell. These two need to quit beefing before Vince kicks them to the curb. To cut through all the b.s. nonsense, Vince gives Tamar the ultimate pep talk and makes her realize that her #Tamartians are there to support her.

This season is bound to provide some laughs, some tears, and a whole lotta “say whaaaat”! WE are just glad to be able to take this hilarious trip with all the #TamarandVince fans.