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Tamar Opens Up

Quietly and without fanfare, Tamar Braxton entered a room of about 20 women at New York City’s Goldbar. “Get my Instagram,” she says to someone as she greets blogger Necole Bitchie. As she poses with Necole, cameras start flashing from everywhere.  She has arrived.

As she gets settled in, there are no introductions. Necole begins firing off questions right away and the fans react to everything Tamar says with a combination of nods and laughter.

“What was it like growing up and being the youngest sister?” Necole asked. “It was harder on them, I think,” Tamar said. “You know, there came a point when they said, ‘We need to allow Tamar to grow up and find things out on her own.’ Our relationships are always evolving. Being a sister is a work in progress.”

But Necole was the least hard on Tamar. Once the fans got the microphone, all bets were off. While the women grilled her about giving birth, relationships and work,  Tamar answered candidly, doled out advice, gave encouragement and opened up about herself. Here are the highlights:

  • Tamar told the crowd that when it comes down to her life, she had the door shut on her a lot. “I’ve been dropped from every label except the one I’m on now,” she said. “But I still wanted to be a singer.” She explained that people used to tell her that she should think about doing something else, but then “I started listening to myself more than other people,” she explained. Tamar said that she carries that with her now in everything, including in her relationships.
  • She admits that she doesn’t always come off as sensitive when her sisters have marital trouble. “It’s easy to say ‘Girl, you need to leave him,’ but it’s not always so easy when you’re in it.”
  • Her secret to her post-baby body? “I broke up with food,” she said. “I sat down with it and said, ‘Look, food, we can’t do this anymore!’ I’m on the morsel diet. I’m eating, but not as much.”
  • Tamar was induced due to preeclampsia (“I had a love affair with salt,” she said.) and only took one week of “maternity leave.”
  • Her relationship with Vince works, she said, because they are in the same industry. “People tell us we are like Velcro and that’s right, we are Velcro and I’m proud of that,” she said. “It works because we are in the same business and we understand it. There are a lot of conversations and no secrets. That was the only way that this was going to work.”
  • When asked about preparing for her son’s birth by getting all done up, she elaborated. “I wanted to feel as much Tamar as possible. At the end, I just wasn’t feeling like myself. I wanted to feel like the old Tamar that I was,” she said.
  • She doesn’t mind working so much because she loves what she does, but Tamar does feel guilty when she is away from Logan for too long. “When I’m away, I get the mommy guilt that comes with it. But I love everything I do. I find the time to figure it out because I like it.”

To watch a video compilation of the event, click here.