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The Secret To Zonnique’s Confidence

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Zonnique is no stranger to the spotlight or the airwaves. The daughter of music legends, Tameka “Tiny” Harris and T.I., and former member of the group OMG Girlz, is now embarking on her own solo career as we’ve seen on #GUHHATL. The singer chatted with about her journey as a soloist, what’s next for her career, and the story behind her album, “Love Jones.”

Released in March, “Love Jones” is a collection of songs that explores multiple genres. Zonnique says the feedback on her new album has been amazing! “I feel like everybody is giving me feedback on what they like the most, which helps me figure out what field they like. Since all of the songs on there are kind of a different vibe, and can kind of go into different genres I would say, I get to have a chance to get a feel of what kind of sound they like to hear from me. Everybody has really been very receptive,” she said. She added that as her sound changed during the recording process, she just started experimenting with different genres, wanting to make a diverse album.

As a solo artist, Zonnique is learning to have more confidence as a performer. “I think that now being a solo artist, I get to gain more confidence in areas I wasn’t so confident in, like interviews and really just little stuff that I was like, ‘You know, I don’t think I’m really that good at it.’ So now I’ve been able to really work on myself and become even more of an actual artist than just a solo artist,” she explained. WE wonder if Brandon Barnes helped her get there!

Speaking of #GUHHATL, Zonnique says that being on the show is allowing her to give folks an inside look at her pathway to being a solo artist. “I’ve never really filmed with my friends or new people I meet, so it’s definitely a new vibe, but I think that on the show I’m really growing as an artist and getting to showcase what I have on my own, so that’s a great plus I would say. Yeah, it’s definitely different, you just have to tune in to see what I’m talking about. It definitely gets messy as well,” she said.

Zonnique’s mother Tiny just reunited with her R&B group Xscape after more than a decade. Being able to turn to her for advice about navigating the choppy waters of the industry is something Zonnique takes advantage of. She revealed, “It’s really great that we get to work with each other, and it’s great to have her advice because she really, really knows everything. But then, sometimes we disagree because I’m like, ‘Music has changed, Ma. You might think people are really going to love that, but I don’t think so.’ So, it’s just a really good balance of figuring it out together and continuing to just grow together, I think. But my mom is just a super boss when it comes to music, so she definitely gives me tons of advice.”

As for what’s next for the singer? “I’m filming the videos for my projects. I’ve only done one so far, but I’m trying to do all five,” she hinted. “I’ll be going to different cities and hopefully getting on a tour. Definitely just more music. I want to put out an album next and I’ve already been working on it,” Zonnique added.

Check out Zonnique’s single “Greedy” here:

WE will have to wait to see the videos and hear her new music but, WE can check out Zonnique and the rest of the crew on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Thursdays at 9|8c!