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WE Remember Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds won our hearts in Singin’ in the Rain but who could forget her as Grace’s mom, Bobbi in Will and Grace? Her bigger than life appearances, witty attitude, along with her quotable lines made for comedy gold! In honor of Debbie Reynolds WE are giving you the best of Bobbi Adler!

BOBBI: Grace, Grace, how do you like my new suit? Look, look, look, no panty lines BECAUSE…no panties!

GRACE: Mom, this is so unfair!
BOBBI: Well neither is my cottage cheese ass!
GRACE: Why is that your answer for everything??

BOBBI: How’s my favorite daughter?
[whispers to Will] She’s not really my favorite, I say that to all my girls, makes them feel special.

GRACE: Since the dawn of time parents and children have woven an uneasy rug…
BOBBI: Move it along Grace, I’m in my late forties…

GRACE: Mom, I’m really really REALLY vulnerable right now.
BOBBI: Well, maybe I don’t have to say it, I’ll just do the dance… [singing] told you so, told you so!

BOBBI: what do the boys make-out to these days? Is it still Judy Garland?

GRACE: [crying] Will’s gay!
BOBBI: Julius, I owe you 20 bucks!

BOBBI: Where is the boyfriend? Or as I like to call him, ‘it will end in tears.’

[Grace storms out of the restaurant]
BOBBI: That’s drama, she’s never forgiven me for being the prettier sister!

WE love and miss you Debbie!

Catch ALL your favorite Bobbi Adler moments on a special Will & Grace marathon, Saturday, January 7th starting at 10am on WE tv!