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WE Tells All: Hello Baby Goodbye Dog

Tamar is in Atlanta to see Dr. Jackie (yes, THE Dr. Jackie from “Married to Medicine”) and see how her pregnancy is progressing.  BFVQuote: “You know, Toni, Towanda and Trina walked away with no scars, no stretch marks, and they didn’t get super fat, and that’s very important to me.”  Despite what even Dr. Jackie said, He clearly had other plans for Tamar whether she was ready or not.  BFVQuote: “I have four kids in the freezer and I can find an old scallywag to carry our babies.”  Dr. Jackie and Vince look less than impressed with Tamar’s bright idea, however her mood perks right up when Dr. Jackie mentions the word “induce”.  Seeing the ultrasound of the baby improves Tamar’s mood even more, and you can definitely tell that even though she talks a big game, she is super excited to be a mom.

OMG it’s Poundcake!  Move over, Miracle.  Trina and Gabe take Poundcake on a walk (even though Poundcake never leaves Gabe’s arms) as they await a call from Caleb’s school regarding an incident that occurred that day.  BFVQuote: “He’s been having a little bit of problems with bullying at school.”  After a child at school knocked food out of Caleb’s hands, Caleb and the other student got into a physical altercation.  There seems to be a huge disconnect with how the school is handling the incident and reprimanding those who are truly at fault.  Good thing Caleb has parents like Trina and Gabe because these two are going to bat HARD for their son.  BFVQuote: “As a mom, it really makes me feel helpless especially since I can’t go to school with him and walk him to all of his classes.”  Gabe suggests signing Caleb up for a martial arts class so Caleb can build his self esteem.

Donned in all black, the Braxton family comes together to pay respect to a beloved family member who recently passed away… Jackson, Mama E’s cherished Yorkie.  And, Tamar cannot stop rolling her eyes at this grand memorial service complete with invitations, pamphlets and an oil painting.  BFVQuote: “It’s over the top so now I cannot hold the title for being over the top.  It would have to be my mama.”  Trina even shares a poem to the group in honor of Jackson.  Yes, all of this can seem ridiculous but at least you have Diezel’s speech to add some comic relief and Tamar to bring it all together with a random song.  Even Vince is hanging his head at this spectacle as everyone joins in including the keyboardist in the corner.

After all that mourning, Mama E makes a huge announcement which will give three of the sisters something additional to mourn about.  Mama E is finally moving to L.A. and will be moving in with Tamar and Vince.  Toni and Tamar are extremely excited, and Trina reveals plans on possibly moving to L.A. if Eric gets into USC.  BFVQuotes: “Trina’s gonna do what Trina wants to do regardless of what anybody says.”  At least Traci knows she is “not going to no California.”  D.M.V. for life!

Because of what has been going on at school, Trina takes Caleb to his first martial arts class.  BFVQuote: “I decided to learn some moves myself because you never know when someone’s gonna try it!”  Caleb is really getting out his frustrations… this actually seems like it may be a great release for him.  However, Trina is not adapting as easily to these surroundings.  BFVQuote: “I’m more like Kung Fu Panda… the early years!”  Keep up the good work, Caleb.  Trina, don’t quit your day job!

Towanda and fam hit up the ballet store to get Brooke a new outfit to perform at Evelyn’s birthday, but Andre thinks that it is a good time to bring up Towanda’s stage mom habits.  BFVQuote: “It won’t mess up her joints?  She’ll be able to reproduce and stuff?”  Andre, just buy a dress, allow this lady to make a sale, and go about your day.

Because the house would be mighty lonely without Jackson, Tamar has taken Evelyn back to L.A. so they can start making plans for her big move. BFVQuote: “I need to start over again.”  Mama E wants a fresh start in L.A. and a new man, but Tamar is not looking to play matchmaker.  BFVQuote: “You’re too picky.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  Even though she attempts to argue with Tamar, Mama E does have an extensive list of must-haves for her future mate: he must have integrity, not be a “hip hop” man, tall, etc.  BFVQuote: “Pretty much my dad.  I tried it, but it’s true.”

Towanda and Traci are with Brooke at the dance studio trying to perfect the little ballerina’s craft in time for Mommy’s birthday party.  BFVQuote: “Smile or we’re gonna start over.”  Between the pointing of the toes, the elongating of the arms, staying on your toes when you turn, putting your head up and shoulders back, and whatever else this poor child is being told to do, WE are even too exhausted to continue.  BFVQuote: “I know exactly what that baby is going through.”  And who knew Traci was the prima ballerina?!  Go on, girl!  Don’t let Towanda stifle your shine.

Today, Gabe is going to Caleb’s martial arts class to check up on his progress.  Caleb knows exactly whose face he will be picturing when he starts his exercises with his instructor.  BFVQuote: “I don’t mind if Caleb thinks he’s punching my face.  As long as he’s feeling better about himself that’s fine by me.”  Gabe puts on pads and gives Caleb the opportunity to have at him for real.  And that is exactly what Caleb does!  He goes at Gabe with all the energy and emotion he has bottled up.  Gabe is really proud of Caleb and everything he has learned.

It’s time for Mommy’s big birthday bash and the girls are so excited to celebrate another year! Brooke immediately changes into her purple tutu to perform for her grandmother’s special day.  Brooke is a little frozen and has a hard time warming up, but the family is very supportive and cheers her on.  The performance is a little short lived, but she did a great job!  Eric talks about his college picks, but is hesitant to go to school in California for fear that his mama will always be one step behind him.  BFVQuote: “You think I will mess up your groove?”  Even though Trina gets emotional, Eric makes sure to give his mama a huge hug and let her know that he loves her.  BFVQuote: “He’s my baby… my oldest baby.”  To stay in line with Braxton family traditions, the girls will perform a special birthday song for Mama E, but Trina is still visibly upset about the idea of Eric going away to school.

The girls sit down together for lunch before everyone goes back home, but Traci seems to be MIA.  When Towanda tries to track her down, Traci urges all the ladies to make their way outside.  WE have a feeling there is a grand reveal about to occur.  BFVQuote: “I ain’t leaving my soup.  Y’all tell me what she says.”  Begrudgingly all the ladies hustle outside to see what the fuss is about as Traci pulls up on her hog.  The sisters go crazy at the sight of Traci, but Toni wishes it was just a little more ladylike in appearance.  BFVQuote: “Somebody said she’s like a little dike on a bike, but I ain’t gonna say that about my sister.  I love her.”  Once the Braxtons head back inside, the sisters ask Traci about possibly changing the fashion of a “biker.”  But all in all, the sisters are super excited for Traci’s new adventure.  BFVQuote: “To Traci ridin’ dirty.”