Amina on Senior Year, High School Confidential

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amina on Senior Year, High School Confidential

My senior year was stressful, hectic and boring.  School was boring that’s why I didn’t go. I’ve learned that I am a nice person and people take advantage of it.  I don’t need lots of friends; all I really need is a few close friends.

My favorite part of high school was meeting new people, getting my license and getting a job.  High school has made me more serious and responsible.  I have become very cautious of people so they don’t take advantage of me.

The one thing I would change about high school is not getting so behind so I could graduate on time.  The advice I would give to teenagers who are about to enter high school is read books and to stay above the influence ;)   Also, don’t get caught up in a relationship because it can distract you.

I want people to remember my funny side.   A lot of people tell me I’m funny and that I make them laugh.