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Jessica R. on Senior Year, High School Confidential

Senior year was very chill; I didn’t have any hard classes so school was very easy. I also I stayed out of drama so I never had any problems. The only stress I had was figuring out where I was gonna go to college and if I would get into my dream school (University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign).

I learned that I am a very independent person and I’m determined. Throughout this year I didn’t have many friends because I started working and I also had to balance schoolwork and having a boyfriend. Although I didn’t have a social life I was perfectly fine being on my own. Not worrying about friends and focusing on myself is how I got into my dream college. I set many goals for myself and I accomplished them all because I realized I fight for what I want.

My favorite part of high school was my softball season because the whole team felt like a family and the girls were so nice and we all got along. I will always remember this season and miss all the girls a lot! Once a Panther, always a panther.

If I could change one thing about high school I would not be so boy crazy and not spend all my time with only a boyfriend and not with friends. When I started dating my ex boyfriend Anthony I spent so much time with him and not my friends and that how I lost all my friends. I feel like if I wasn’t so wrapped up in the relationship and I would of divided my time I would have more friends right now.

Advice I would give to other girls entering high school is to not waste your time trying to be a “cool kid.” Focus on your self and make you do well in school and then focus on your social life. ¬†Also make sure you get involved at school like for example join clubs, sport, etc.