Mary Mary Stylist GooGoo Reveals the Sisters’ Figure-Flattering Style Secrets

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mary Mary Stylist GooGoo Reveals the Sisters’ Figure-Flattering Style Secrets

Ever since Mary Mary came to WE tv, we’ve been hooked on Erica and Tina Campbell’s cute outfits. Sot it only made sense that we would grill GooGoo — the girls’ stylist, who also happens to be their sister — about their trendy yet figure-flattering looks.

GooGoo has worked with Vanessa Williams, Michelle Williams and other stars, so she knows a thing or two about fashion! Plus, she specializes in “the curvy woman,” so her style tips aren’t just for skinny minnies. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. Tina is expecting her fourth child this summer. How do you keep her looking chic during her pregnancy? What does she wear to stay comfortable? How about shoes? Does she ever a pull a Beyonce and go for stilettos while pregnant? Or is she more into flats?

A. First of all, if I can tackle successfully styling a pregnant Tina Campbell, I can conquer anything. There are great pregnancy stores that have a lot of very fashionable and trendy pieces. When I need that extra boost, I get to designing my tail off. In doing so, I can make it comfortable for her belly and still keep her hot and current. I keep her in forgiving garments with lots of stretch. I’m also sure to keep her in things under which she can wear those belly-holding, back support undergarments. I am absolutely not having Tina in stilettos. For one, Honey would kill me, and for two, I’m not compromising the health of my new niece/nephew for cuteness EVER. So I jazz up comfy dance shoes and that’s that.

Q. Erica gave birth to her third child (daughter Zaya Monique) on Jan. 24, 2012. How does her wardrobe reflect her post-pregnancy transition?

A. Right now we’re all in awe of how Erica “snapped back” after the birth of Zaya. While she’s not the size 6 that she was before, she’s flat-tummied and love handle-free, which is all we (women) care about, right?! So I can dress her however I want because she looks great, new baby and all.

Q. How do the sisters differ in their sense of style? Which one is more adventurous? Which one is more conservative?

A. Tina’s the more conservative of the two. But I stretch both of them as often as I can. I’m the stylist, aka “boss of what they wear.”

Q. We’ve noticed that the sisters where a lot of black and white, bold patterns and neutrals, but sometimes they’ll wear a splash of bright color. And blazers. Can you elaborate on these choices?

A. Well, I like bright colors that pop, because they read well on the girls. So sometimes I’ll have someone remake me a garment that I’ve only seen in dark colors in a brighter color and put it on the girls. Bright reads young, fresh and happy to me. Blazers are hot right now, and they also cover up the arms quite well, adding splashes of color and sometimes shape when buttoned over a loose-fitting piece.

Q. How do you dress each of the ladies to flatter their figures?

A. I try to always accentuate their great waistlines. If/when I accentuate the other areas, the more conservative traditionalists come after me with a cross.