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New Adventures In Our New Home!

We are in our second month in Florida and we’re finally making it feel like “home.” After the initial culture shock of being 1800 miles away in an environment where nothing is familiar and we are doing this alone, we are ready to set up and make our house feel like a home.  I have always dreamed of having a garden, and having fun with the kids in the garden. I thought it would be a fun family activity and something fun to do with the kids, and maybe a way to make “vegetables” more appealing to them! Not to mention, the money it will save us in the grocery store!

Planting the garden was a lot of fun because I got to watch Bryan do it all!! 🙂  I didn’t mean for it to work out that way, but it was easier for me to keep the kids distracted, and he genuinely enjoys yard work/gardening.  We were able to go together as a family and pick out the fruits and vegetables we wanted to plant, and it was fun to just learn what all grows here! We never even attempted a garden in AZ due to the heat, the rocks and lack of water.

We also had another “big surprise”! My mom had wanted to buy the kids a jungle gym for the backyard to help occupy their time and attention. We thought we were going to get it for their birthday, but one day a huge truck pulled up to our driveway and unloaded a jungle gym!  We were SOOO excited, but it was almost comical because it came in pieces.. and lots of pieces.  I could see it in Bryan’s face that it was going to be a lot of work putting it together.  I spent a lot of time encouraging and “cheerleading” for him. You can do it honey! I believe in you!!!  We were so fortunate that near the end of the project (though their was probably still 6 hours of work left) we had a dear friend Kip come help Bryan with the jungle gym. Hence, the project finished in much less time than we thought, and I know it was a HUGE relief for Bryan.

We were also blessed to meet another expert Dr. Ari Brown, a pediatrician from Austin TX who specializes in toddlers and different issues with toddlers. Our biggest issue with our children that we had not yet resolved was sleeping. They were not taking naps nor were they sleeping through the night. By the morning we would have anywhere from 2 to 6 kids in bed with us, and it was making for not only 6 tired and cranky toddlers, but 2 tired and cranky parents. We were at a loss!  Dr. Brown has some great ideas and we were really excited to hear them!  We knew whatever changes that needed to be made were going to be painful, but we desperately needed to make the changes so that everyone would get more sleep, and in the end we would all be more happy and energetic throughout our days.

Fortunately, it only took a few days to implement the changes and we were in luck! Bryan and I were ecstatic. And RESTED!  And the kids moods improved greatly too!

So far, we are loving our life in Florida and things are really moving along smoothly!  A new garden, new jungle gym and gymnastics, and lots of new adventures in our new home! We are so thankful for this opportunity to be here and all the wonderful new friends we have met. Thank you Lord!