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New Year, New Students for High School Confidential 2

This summer I attended a baby shower for Sara N while she was visiting her parents in Kansas. I had not seen her for more than a year and now she is 8 months pregnant! It was even more amazing to see the youngest guests at the shower: Beth’s twin babies who are about two months old! How weird that as I am now shooting a new crop of HSC girls the first season girls are creating their next generation!

I am fortunate that I keep in touch with many of the young women from HSC-1. Each one will always be very special to me. Many of the girls will be graduating college this year – time has flown by so quickly! I am so excited to see how each one of them will continue to shape their lives. Next year they will be blogging about graduate school, weddings, launching careers and even more babies! I look forward to all the surprises!

I just started shooting sophomore year in Chicago with the NEW girls. They remind me of HSC-1 girls with their fresh, perky perspectives on life! It’s interesting how girls at 14 and 15 years old have universal issues that transcend place and time. I am sure people will be just as fascinated with the new ones! I just can’t seem to leave high school!

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