With a life that may look more like a fairytale than reality, this San Diego native’s journey has taken her from the luxury of the Playboy Mansion to the busy life of a wife, mother and international celebrity. Between juggling photo shoots, personal appearances, planning her third book and even launching her own new line of sexy products, Kendra is seizing her every opportunity to stay on top. A loving wife to her husband, Hank, and a doting mom to their son, Little Hank, Kendra is in charge as she navigates the challenges of work and family in her own street smart, outspoken and outrageous way!

Kendra's Smoothie


Broccoli, bananas, oranges, strawberries & more… Kendra and Hank share their household smoothie recipe.

Can You Be Kendra's BFF?


Are you adventurous enough to keep up with the Playboy Mansion star who has turned into a mommy hottie?

Being Kendra


Learn about the ups & downs of motherhood, marriage and life in Kendra’s new book — ON SALE NOW.

Get to Know Kendra


Her Playboy Mansion days are over, and Kendra is now all about her family, her career, and life as a “Sexy Mom.” It’s re-booty time – see what Kendra’s excited for!

Kendra's Top 10 Hobbies


From partying to beaching, Kendra has a whole list of things she likes doing in her spare time.

WE Asked. She Answered.


From her most embarrassing moment to her super secret phobia, Kendra weighs in with answers to an exclusive WEtv.com questionnaire!

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