Meet Tamar & Vince’s new dog, Miracle. Tamar and Vince got him after Vince’s traumatic health scares last year, and so they named him Miracle. Unfortunately, neither diva Tamar nor music mogul Vince have a clue about training a little rascal dog like Miracle. The Havanese is driving Tamar crazy with his barking and peeing everywhere! But Tamar is determined to try to make it work with Miracle, since he makes Vince very happy.


Do You Know Dogs?


Get to know your breeds, types of food and more.

Cats or Dogs?


Well, we think we know what Miracle would choose…

Do You Spoil Your Pet?


Is your pet the prince or princess of the family?

Working Dog?


Are you the boss’ pet or pest? Leader of the pack or getting all the scraps?

How To Train Any Dog


Adorable Miracle drives Tamar crazy when it comes to discipline. Housetraining a dog shouldn’t be an overwhelming task so find out what the experts say.

The Very Best Dog Toys


Tamar will be ecstatic when Miracle is occupied for hours on end with these 5 awesome puppy play things.

Tell us: What's your favorite Miracle moment, and why?