Trina E. Braxton evolved from singing in an R&B girl group (The Braxton’s) with her sisters to multifaceted entertainer and astute businesswoman. Best known for her bluntness, Trina is a fan favorite on WE’s top-rated reality show, Braxton Family Values, which is set to air a mini- season this summer prior to the third season release in early 2013. The mini-season features Trina’s journey as a solo artist during the process of creating and releasing her first hit single, “Party Or Go Home.”

Community Service

Trina is forced to do court ordered community service as a result of her DUI

In this season one exclusive clip, Trina is forced to do community service as a result of her DUI arrest.

Party Or Go Home!


Trina looks glamorous and gorgeous as she sings and dances her way through the sexy new music video for “Party Or Go Home.”

Best Trina Moments

Trina Braxton

Can’t get enough of Trina Braxton? Check out some favorite moments from season one, chosen by WE tv viewers!

Her YouTube Channel


Check out Trina’s YouTube channel where every Wednesday she brings us into her home and teaches us the recipe for her 4 o’clock ROCK “drink of the week.”

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