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Show Page: Picture Perfect Revenge

Jealousy ignites when celebrity couples swap partners. A touchy feely date between Natalie and Spencer provokes Jacob to break a vital promise.


Article: WE Sip, Snack and Screen – Boot Camp Mule & Artichoke Dip

This week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is going to have us on the edges of our seats! It looks like Boot Camp counselors, Elizabeth and Jim are really pushing the envelope with a spouse swapping exercise. WE can barely handle it – do you think the couples can? We’re so excited to…


Article: Breakthroughs and Breakdowns – Episode 3

Tensions soared last week at Marriage Boot Camp, but not how you’d expect. The real drama was mostly between the ladies – not the couples. Natalie was at Rachel’s throat, and Heidi joined in to do Natalie’s dirt work. Let’s take a look at this past week’s breakthroughs and breakdowns at Boot Camp. Breakdowns During…


Article: WE Sip, Snack and Screen – Sangria & Salsa

WE wanted to make a big-batch cocktail and appetizer for this week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. While you and your besties are getting ready for the show to start, take a look at the recipes WE cooked up for you this week! This delicious winter sangria is sure to warm you up…


Show Page: Played and Betrayed

Rachel’s shocking secret is revealed; Natalie goes on a rampage when shot by Rachel in a paintball drill.


Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Episode 2

Last week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars brought the drama to a whole new level! There were tears, fears and fakeness. Let’s take a look at this week’s breakdowns and breakthroughs.


Show Page: Death and Divorce Court

Drama hits the roof in Divorce Court. Couples are forced to stare death in the face; Spencer’s antics continue to infuriate the directors.


Article: WE Sip, Snack and Screen!

In preparation for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday night, WE decided to give you the perfect cocktail and appetizer pairing for your viewing party! Take a look at our signature recipes below.       Ginger Cosmo WE created a Ginger Cosmo, with just the right amount of bite to ramp you up for…


Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Episode 1

Last Friday’s second season premier of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars surely brought a drama-fueled introduction! Here’s a recap of the episode.