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Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Episode 7

Last week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars had all of the campers headed for a serious breakdown. Almost everyone showed raw, real emotion about issues they carry from childhood – everyone except for Aviva. Jim and Elizabeth took the campers through some of the most difficult drills they have and will experience at…


Show Page: Let Them Eat Cake

A food fight spirals out of control and everyone turns against the housewife. Tyson and Rachel’s relationship is put on the path of destruction.


Article: Sip, Snack & Screen – Buffalo Chicken Ring & Lemon Fig Martini

This week at Boot Camp, tensions are running at an all-time high. It looks like all of the campers might be headed for a breakdown. The tears will be fiercely flowing and WE wanted to make sure you had the right stuff for sipping and snacking on during your viewing party. They say there’s no…


Show Page: The Exorcism

The stars reveal dark secrets from their pasts. An unexpected visitor blindsides Syleena. Heidi divulges a horrific betrayal. Spencer attacks Jim.


Show Page: Lust or Bust

The reality stars are exposed in a sex tape. A game of spin the bottle reveals intimate confessions. Aviva is humiliated; Rachel is done with Tyson.


Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Episode 6

Last week on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, the campers focused on intimacy and WE learned that a healthy sex life serves as nourishment for a relationship. The campers learned that there can be recreational sex, as well as sex that deepens a connection. Through a seemingly fun game of spin the bottle, the couples…


Article: Sip, Snack & Screen – Irish Stout Float & Strawberry Shortcake

Since it’s Valentine’s Day week, WE wanted to savor the love in the air and created a decadent cocktail and dessert pairing for your viewing party for this week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. WE think there’s nothing better than indulging in a little bit of chocolate and your favorite reality TV show…


Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Episode 5

Jim and Elizabeth really shook it up with challenging drills for the Boot Campers last week at the mansion. Let’s take a look at this week’s breakthroughs and breakdowns.


Show Page: Shock It To Me

Couples are stunned when they undergo surprise shock therapy. A limb-throwing argument mortifies Aviva. Simmering tensions explode.