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Show Page: Dangerous Liaisons

The reality stars switch it up with new partners. Hank is finally ready to reveal the truth about his rumored tryst with a transsexual model.


Photo Gallery: Troubled Waters

See photos from the “Troubled Waters” episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.


Show Page: Troubled Waters

A blindfolded canoe race causes mayhem. Tami quits while Jeff and Jordan go off the deep end. Kendra is tired of fighting; Hank needs to confess.


Photo Gallery: Disorderly Courtship

See photos from the “Disorderly Courtship” episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.


Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Disorderly Courtship

WE were hanging on the edge of a cliff after last week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars when the drama surrounding Hank’s alleged cheating scandal turned up to a whole new level when new “evidence” came forward in the media that put Hank in another difficult situation. WE were hoping to finally learn…


Show Page: Disorderly Courtship

The couples face off in Divorce Court. Aubrey testifies- Travis is not the one. Tami pushes Hank for answers and nearly comes to blows with Kendra.


Article: Breakthroughs & Breakdowns – Sex, Lies & Audiotape

On last week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp, the couples had their first evaluation with Jim and Elizabeth to measure their progress so far. Here’s a recap of what’s happening in the mansion.


Photo Gallery: Sex, Lies & Audiotape

See photos from the “Sex, Lies and Audiotape” episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.


Show Page: Sex, Lies and Audiotape

An audiotape wreaks havoc on Boot Camp. Kendra gives Hank an ultimatum-the whole truth or divorce. Tami and Reggie face a pregnancy scare.