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Show Page: Out of Sync

Taj lip syncs at an SWV show, Lelee’s personal life is turned completely upside down and SWV makes a management call that changes their fate.


Show Page: Taj’s Gamble

SWV has a huge concert in Las Vegas, but Lelee and Coko have to perform without Taj, whose doctor gives her the toughest choice of her life.


Show Page: EPSY’s Nightmare

Taj and Lelee accuse Coko of faking an illness to avoid singing Downtown, and Taj’s vocal problems may ruin an important performance at the ESPY’s.

Will Taj's past ruin her big day?

Show Page: Wedding Hells

Taj and Eddie renew their wedding vows, but Taj’s volatile relationship with Cory and a past lover showing up may ruin her big day.