Archives for Tamar and Vince


Show Page: Gone Fishin’

Tamar, Vince, and friends, including reality star Benzino, go on a mountain retreat. Toni watches baby Logan. Vince pushes Tamar for second baby.


Show Page: Lies You Tell!

Tamar gets asked about having a second baby and takes a lie detector test. She models for her fashion line, and worries about promoting her single.


Show Page: Tamar’s Work Is Never Done

A shoot for Tamar’s talk show is derailed by an accident on set. Tamar struggles to finish the mix and the music video for her new single release.


Show Page: Viva La Video!

Tamar and Vince have a standoff over Vince’s German Shepherd. Tamar faces multiple challenges on her music video shoot. LaShawn performs stand-up.