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Erica Campbell on Episode 10: Grammy’s Push

SMH – watching this episode asking myself was I crazy!!! I messed around and gave birth, went to the Grammys and did a major concert all in like one month’s time. Foolishness & mayhem I tell you! Hey, but it’s my life: I love it and wouldn’t trade it for nothing. So thankful to GOD for allowing me deliver my beautiful girl. She is perfectly healthy and amazing. Who knew my heart could outpour so much love; but as soon as I saw her beauty out came the love. It was all the more amazing having my ENTIRE family with me… that’s how we do it… THE ATKINS way!! Ha gotta love family. Disappointed that we didnt win either Grammy, but so humbled and honored to have even been recognized for our musical contribution – amazing feeling. There was no better way to end this season than singing “GO GET IT”!!!! Hope yall liked it. Now GO GET IT!!!!

WOW! 10 episodes can’t believe it’s over! Really cool to be able to rewind through your own life and relive moments and get a better of things, good and bad.