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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Critical Condition

During last week’s trip to Chicago when Tamar and Vince spoke at a speed-dating event, we got a glimpse into the strength of their relationship. But when Vince gets hospitalized, Tamar’s true love for her husband is revealed to the fullest.

When Vince confesses to wanting a dog named Tamar-on-the-radio (yea, I don’t get it, either), Tamar flips out. BFVQuotes: Tamar: “No, she don’t do dogs!” Vince: “I don’t know who she is?” Tamar: “She-me-her!” Vince: “But I don’t know who she-me is.” I LOVE when Tamar talks in third person and Vince gets all sorts of confused… hilarious. Tamar admits to being afraid of dogs, but she reconsiders when Vince states how important it is to him.

Over drinks in LA, Tamar raves over how glam Traci looks, who says she’s trying to step it up. BFVQuotes: “You’re snatched! All you have to do is listen to me just a smidge, and you can be like me.” When Traci confides to Tamar that she wants to slim down, Tamar invites her to a session with African personal trainer Sgt. Tchicaya. (Tamar admits she was hoping Vince would go for a little “shrinkage,” but he has been too busy with work.)

Later, Trina invites the family to dinner to tell them her band will be performing a showcase, and it would mean the world to have them there. Tamar has a few too many drinks, and unsurprisingly, she starts picking on her sisters.

When Tamar and Traci get to their training session with Sgt. Tchicaya, the workout proves far harder than they could have imagined. BFVQuotes: “The Congo man, he’s a damn maniac. This is some hard ass workout he’s making us do. I can’t let my weave sweat out like that.” The trainer’s bold mannerisms even offend Traci. BFVQuotes: “He gonna call me ‘Woman’?! You African booty scratcher, why in the hell you gonna call me ‘Woman’? My name is Traci. Please don’t forget it.”

During Trina’s rehearsal, band manager Ronnie shares that their showcase has been pushed back, but luckily, he’s booked a wedding gig in New Orleans during Trina’s birthday weekend. Trina tells Gabe about her gig, and he offers to bring the boys to New Orleans to celebrate her birthday. When Trina says she’s not into the idea because it wouldn’t be as fun, Gabe gets insulted and an argument quickly escalates.

Meanwhile, on a business trip in New York City with Tamar, Vince begins to feel ill and goes to the emergency room. When the doctor tells Tamar that Vince has a significant blood clot in his lung and his health is declining, she is obviously devastated. When the family finds that Vince is in intensive care, the entire Braxton crew (the sisters, Evelyn, dad Michael Sr. and brother Michael Jr.) books a trip to New York to be with Tamar.

Later, when Tamar is discussing the severity of the situation with her family, she breaks down sobbing. BFVQuotes: “There were too many doctors coming in and out. It was like Grey’s Anatomy without a script.” While Vince’s condition is stable, Tamar is understandably terrified, showing viewers a sensitive side that she rarely reveals. BFVQuotes: “Tamar will have to be strong for Vince. First, Tamar has to be strong for herself. She has to put on her big-girl panties, and she has to do what she has to do for Vincent.” The family holds Tamar’s hands as she leads everyone in a group prayer for Vince’s health and recovery.

In the hospital waiting room, Tamar asks Trina about her fight with Gabe, but Trina doesn’t want to talk about it because of everything Tamar is going through. A humiliated Trina later confides to Evelyn that Gabe has been having cyber-sex with a girl he met on a social network. The girl is threatening to go public with photos of Gabe’s “private parts.” Evelyn comforts Trina, saying that Gabe has an addiction and needs to seek help.

During a walk outside, Trina and Traci agree that Vince’s hospitalization is a motivator to focus on their health and wellbeing. And as the episode comes to a close, Tamar reveals her biggest fear: That Vince won’t ever come home. BFVQuotes: “It’s a lot to be young and in a great relationship and know that you found your soul mate, and then to turn around having to sign papers to leave things in the doctor’s hands. Trusting them to save your loved one’s life is a lot.”

Like Tamar, have you been in a similar situation with a loved one? Any advice or tips on how to deal with the stress and worry of a sick spouse? Comment with your thoughts.