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David: ” I see bold, vivid, strong colors for weddings in the next two years”

Amber was sweet as could be… super sweet… but her plans were all over the place and a disaster.

She wanted a wedding that was ‘love’ and ‘peace’, and loved sunflowers, and wanted buddhas, and she wanted it to be Zen and…..
I literally laughed, going, “This girl’s a mess” but she’s a lovely, sweet, and a kind human being. And the one thing that I asked her because I was just so confused was, “So, Amber, what’s your favorite color?” And she said, “Oh my God, I love red.” She had red on, she had red jewelry when I met her and she had red things on her table. And I said, “Red? That’s really interesting. You do know that colors evoke emotion?” Like, you know, with certain colors of your house–when you walk into a room, it makes you react and feel a certain way. So I told her, red is fire and it’s fierce. It’s energetic and makes you just feel like you have a lot of energy.

Long story short, this is my bride who I literally took everything on her table and threw it out because it made no sense. I took red and every single thing about her wedding was red–monochromatic red everywhere. Her bridesmaids were adorable girls and I changed their dresses into beautiful red evening wear. I changed my bride’s dress out of a dress she thought she would wear into a dress where the accent was red. And then for the reception I had her in a short, sexy red dress with red shoes and red jewelry.

Her party, which to me was a great way to say, as the last episode of the season, is that it’s my nod toward the question everybody asks: “What do you see as the future trends for weddings in 2012 and 2013?” I’ve gone on the record before and I go on the record again with this episode that I see bold, vivid, strong colors for weddings in the next two years. In fact I see red as the hot color being used.

With Amber’s wedding, she had red tables, red chairs, red linens, red flowers, a red dance floor, red lighting. Everywhere you turned, it was red. But in such a sexy, elegant way that you literally felt the energy of the room.