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Introducing Mrs. Nicole Watson: The Manipulative Bridezilla!

I am THE Mrs. Watson!!!! I’m 21 years old and I am Nicole THE manipulative Bridezilla!!!! I cried, lied, demanded, screamed, and manipulated to get my way for the one day I would share marrying the man of my dreams, Mike.

My favorite part of my wedding was when I walked down the aisle and my amazing husband surprised me with a beautiful song.  He totally blew me away.  When I was officially presented to the world, as his Mrs. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was truly blessed with an amazing man! He was the icing on my cake on the most amazing day of my life.

I was only really able to OFFICIALLY plan for four months before my wedding however I had been secretly planning our wedding since I met my husband! Along with the hard planning, I had to select some bridesmaids and it was a difficult task! People aren’t dependable nowadays so I had to be selective and yet I still failed on that task. I ended up having to do everything MYSELF!  The planning absolutely drove me crazy! I don’t wish wedding planning on my worst enemy! It will make you go insane! I micromanaged my whole wedding to get the result I wanted and I should have let go a little more because it caused me more stress than necessary.

My day was perfect, I would only change the amount of time I actually spent  planning my wedding. Oh and the freakin RAIN! The devil tried to rain on my parade but I was serious when I said nothing would mess up my day! The rain fell but my wedding remained standing. I would definitely recommend becoming a Bridezilla when planning your own wedding because there is no other way to get EVERYTHING you want. I demanded a $500-$700 cake to be delivered for $100 even after destroying their cake shop with my husbands annoying 3rd wheel friend at my cake tasting! Guess what happened! I GOT MY CAKE AND I GOT TO EAT IT TOO because a Bridezilla shows that she doesn’t play and leaves everyone in fear to disappoint her.

Filming the show was quite an experience! I enjoyed the attention very much. I felt like a super star walking through our town. I would definitely film all over again and do it bigger and better than I did before! Oh, one piece of advice ladies: if you think you’re a Bridezilla, make sure you are about to marry a man who can handle your Zilla ways because the worst thing that could happen is you standing at that altar alone! Be Zilla and get what you want but DON’T BE STUPID lady! Be smart and choose your battles wisely.

My husband and I will be traveling to a few different fabulous cities for our honeymoon this summer such as New York, San Francisco, and Miami! I can’t wait!! We are going to have the time of our lives. Marriage has not been what I expected. It has been ten times better than anyone could ever fathom. I would not trade our love and commitment for anything in the world! We plan on waiting five years before we bring two beautiful children into this world. Until then we plan on enjoying each other and creating a whole new life of greatness and love to share with each other. This Bridezilla definitely got the best end of the stick when she married her sexy man! Love you Mike. You’re truly the best.