‘No Sleep in Brooklyn’ - Blog Post

Someone named this episode “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn,” of course after the great song by the Beastie Boys. I call it “No Sleep in Brooklyn” because there is never a moment to yourself there. I love going to see Luca’s family. They really are MY family — my brother’s in law and the wives and…

A Stand Up Mother - January 31, 2011
Tammy Pescatelli

The Hollywood Chapter. The Meadville Chapter. - Blog Post

“Welcome to my world.” — Elvis Presley Hello! I am Tammy Pescatelli. Some of you may know me from my 16 years on the road, traveling the country as a professional standup comedian. You may have heard me on the radio, seen me on a few TV shows or in the movies. Or you might…

A Stand Up Mother - January 24, 2011

Brooklyn Bound - Blog Post

Luca and I wanted to go on a date in NYC because in Meadville everyone helps us all the time when I am out of town. So when I come home they scatter and we can never get a night to ourselves. We figured in NY it would be great because the family can spend…

A Stand Up Mother - January 6, 2011

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