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Koala Cake

On this episode, we got a chance to give a fun, modern twist to the traditional tiered wedding cake.

When we originally heard that Reid and Rebecca wanted koalas on their cake we weren’t exactly enthused. We really didn’t want to make a kitschy cake with a boy koala and a girl koala on the top of a wedding cake, and we didn’t know where the koala idea was coming from. To be honest, Chris would do anything to avoid having to make a tuxedoed and veiled set of animals. Once we learned the story behind the koalas, we understood the importance of the symbolism to the couple and wanted to find a way to make it work for them.

Chris came up with the idea of making a little sugar forest for the koalas, and since koalas eat eucalyptus, we set out to make a lot of eucalyptus leaves. The task fell to Kristen, our resident plant scientist, who gladly accepted the challenge. We knew we needed a lot of leaves, but you never know how many you really have until you start wiring them together. Everyone, even the producer, kept asking if she had enough leaves, but it all worked out and in the end we even had some extra branches.

In order to have room for the mini forest, Chris designed the cake to be kidney shaped. This made it harder to ice and harder to cover because we had to make up the shapes and carve the cakes. This wouldn’t be so difficult, except that all the tiers had to be the right size relative to the others in order to be stacked, without getting too narrow or too bulky. Marjie was cursing Chris for making the tiers so oddly shaped, but we had to agree that it left the perfect space for the eucalyptus.

We had a little competition going between Chris and Kristen over who could sculpt the cutest koala. The producer interviewed everyone to try to get a vote, but ended up annoyed with us because no one would choose one koala over the other! We all have a competitive side, but we also have great respect for each other.

It sounds so cliché to say that we are a family, but we are very close in reality and we stick together. We always remind our viewers that what they see on the show is only a snapshot of what is really going on behind the scenes. Hours and hours of our work are filmed, but only about 14 minutes of that makes it on the show. We’ll just say that even if a temper is tested just once in 40 hours of film, it’s sure to make the cut!