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Shimmer & Shine

It happens all the time.  I’ll be sitting across from a couple whose beautiful wedding cake  I’ve just designed, and I hear a little peep.  Just a little something, an uncomfortable throat clearing, or they’ll shift a little uneasily in their chairs.  When asked if everything is okay, they uncomfortably begin to apologize for “not using my talents to their fullest”, or “boring me”.  Truth is, just because Gateaux is capable of making some mind-numbingly crazy cake designs, doesn’t mean that that is all we’re capable…or excited to create.

That’s why it was refreshing to work with Susan and her mom Donna on Susan’s Beautiful confetti themed Shimmery wedding cake.  These two girls understood what many fail to catch.  It’s actually these simple cakes, with clean design, and beautiful negative space, that require the most skill to pull off.  Truth is, if you put enough stuff on a cake…it can distract from a bad fondant job, or uneven sides, even tippy layers.  It’s the simple, elegant designs that have to be executed perfectly.  That’s where we shine.  That’s where all of the Type A, Obsessive Compulsive, neurotic traits that make me who I am, come together in one twisted symphony, and make me damn good at what I do.  I’m not just a cake decorator, I’m a perfectionist for hire.  And, that may make me a questionable level of “fun” to work for, but it makes me a great person to have on your side if you’re a bride.

Susan’s wedding was a beautiful, tailored elegant affair at one of my favorite venues in the Twin Cities.  It’s an old flour mill, turned museum.  The outside, and courtyard are decayed, old mill, the inside, modern, chic, urban.  So, for her invitations, we designed a modern invitation format, but built the entire design around a traditional calligraphic motif.  We dropped the couple’s monogram into the motif, but in a block font, to mix Modern with traditional, and then printed them in black ink on Ivory paper, but enclosed them in a metallic grey-gunmetal pocket folder.  A little accent of shimmery yellow paper, and they once again, had an unexpected twist.

The cake followed suit.  A shimmery Ivory, with that unexpected gun metal and metallic yellow fondant confetti accents.  The topper finished it off with their traditional calligraphed monogram screenprinted in frosting onto a tailored fondant panel.  Something, I couldn’t have replicated cleanly in my early years of decorating.  Funny, how the techniques I develop to accomplish the crazy cakes transfer themselves to making the clean, seemingly “simple” cakes look effortless.