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The Hands of Time

Robin’s busy designing Amazing Wedding Cakes, so she told me (Brian) to tell you all a little bit about the “Clock Cake.”  If you want to know specifics on how the cake was made, watch the show.  You don’t want cake tips from me.  Trust me.

“Why a cake that looks like a clock” you say?  This couple was married on short order without their family and friends right before the groom was shipped overseas.  The good news was he was getting to travel.  The bad news was that he was going courtesy of the US Army.  So planning a reception for family and friends would have to wait and wait and wait.

Back up a little bit.  All of the couples that appear on the show have to send in little video clips so everybody at Gateaux, the production company and the network can sorta get a feel for who they are.  I got to watch this one with Robin at home when she got video emailed to her.  This dude’s video was shot (for real) on a helicopter somewhere in Afghanistan.  Full on fatigues, jet noise in the background, really cool shades, looked like he just stepped off the set of  “Top Gun” or something.  If you don’t know “Top Gun”:  “Looked like he just stepped off the set of….. just rent “Top Gun” you should see it.

So if “cool” is measured in cakes, this guy was like an 8 tier cake.  Robin decided to pitch to WE to do a surprise cake for them in addition to the regular wedding cake. The network agreed with Robin that it would be a great way to say “thanks for your service” and approved the cake.  So Robin and the sister of the groom started to plan a cake that would represent all of the time and important events between when they got officially married and when they could celebrate with their friends and family…get it?  Oh and by the way…it was on New Year’s Eve too, so the clock could be used for everybody at the reception to countdown to midnight.

So Robin of course decides that the clock has to actually run.

Robin bought the clock element and leaving nothing to chance as usual, she put the clock in a fridge to make sure that it could survive the night in the fridge before the wedding without the battery running out.  Once the clock is decorated into the cake there’s no changing the battery.  The “test” battery lasted for days in the fridge, so that wasn’t going to be an issue.

Flash forward to decorating day.  When they went to place the clock element in the top tier there was a wood separating plate frosted into the finished cake that was blocking the element from sitting deep enough into the cake.  Robin’s first thought:  Saw the wood separator plate and risk ruining the top tier.  Second idea:  Cut the plastic casing that hold the clock element together.  USUALLY she would give me a call and I would say “you’re a moron, step back and see how you can fix it without power tools” we’d then argue for awhile and she’d figure it out and tell me I’m a genius (o.k., probably not the genius part).  Anyway, in this case I’m at the bakery and thinking YOU ARE NOT going to start attacking this problem with power tools….But the producers are telling me I can’t enter into the episode because on T.V. I’m not supposed to be there.  Fair enough, but usually she’d call me right?  Well, that’s a whole other scene to set up with her calling me, etc. etc.  So the producer tells me to stay out of it.  I tell the producer fine, but I’m gonna have to roll you in the parking lot if she ruins this cake.  Not really.  The producer says it’s good T.V. I acquiesce and proceed to watch Robin go at the clock element like she’s doing a chainsaw carving on a tree trunk.  Clock element:  ruined.  Wedding: tomorrow.  Producer:  Happy.  Me:  WTF.  Watch the episode to see how she ended up fixing the problem….

What a great couple and props to the Groom.  So when you’re sitting on the couch watching this episode, think of all the men and women all over the world protecting your right to watch people make cakes that look like something other than cake on WE!

P.S.  No, I didn’t roll the producer in the parking lot, she’s too nice.  I just keyed her car.