Cake Alchemy

Lauri, Cake Alchemy

Lauri Ditunno – Owner/manager of Cake Alchemy. This season, Lauri continues to wow with her specialties: delicate, life-like sugar flowers, and blown sugar glass. This season, she also adds some interesting twists to her designs (including surprise "mechanical" elements). As always, Lauri likes to take a traditional design and make it more modern.

Her staff:
Stephanie – Cake tailor and Lauri’s right hand. Stephanie has a heart of gold (not to mention a ton of patience.)

Liz – Part-time cake tailor. Liz cheerfully rolls up her sleeves and jumps in with any aspect of decorating. Tedious tasks can make her head spin, but she sure loves her molding chocolate.

Pam – Part-time cake tailor who fills in occasionally and meshes well with the Alchemy team.

Cake Trend:
Purple is the new hip color.

Fun Facts:
• Lauri has an identical twin.
• Lauri used to teach pastry class at the French Culinary Institute NYC.
• Lauri has to climb or descend 4 flights of stairs to deliver a cake.

How'd you get started in cakes?
Growing up I loved baking pastries for people, always brought smiles to their faces. Specializing in cakes happened after about 15 years in the field when I started my own business.

Did you have formal training in the field?
I graduated from Culinary Insititute of America and have taken several classes from Ewald Notter, Nicholas Lodge, Betty Van Norstrand.

Do you have advice for brides-to-be on how to choose a wedding cake?
The bride should make the cake their own from flavor to design, incorporating her personal style with the cake.

Do you have a great baking tip you can share with our viewers?
When baking only use the highest quality ingredients and make everything from scratch so you can control the flavor. Use recipes as a base to build on.

Baking Tip:
When baking a cake or making a frosting try and keep all of the ingredients room temperature (65 degrees F). It is easier to emulsify which gives you a delicious homogenous product.

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Christopher Garren’s Cakes

Christopher Garren's Cakes

Christopher Garren’s Cakes is located in Costa Mesa, California.  Chris, Marjie and the rest of the staff are the only returning bakery to the Amazing Wedding Cakes line up.

Gateaux Inc.


Robin comes to wedding cakes from a photography background, an occupation that she claims, “was not a good fit.”  While she enjoyed seeing beautiful photos, she didn’t enjoy the process to get there.  Robin noticed while working at a studio that specialized in wedding portraits, that couples had gone to great lengths to create original wedding motifs, yet in the center of it all stood an uninspired cake.

White Flower Cake Shoppe

White Flower Cake Shoppe

Marianne Carroll and Lauren Bozich co-own White Flower Cake Shoppe in Beachwood, Ohio, a suburban of Cleveland.



The Maher sisters have created the premier Chicago cake salon. Their reputation for making gravity-defying cakes has just increased in season three. This season’s CakeGirls designs are cleaner, cooler, and more modern than ever before. But they also excel at taking the most unusual cake concepts and making them reality. 

Merci Beaucoup Cakes

Merci Beaucoup Cakes

Reva Alexander-Hawk – Owner of Merci Beaucoup Cakes. This season Reva and Marc are using new and exciting techniques to fulfill their artistic visions. That means more airbrush, bigger and taller designs, lot of fondant, and of course buttercream. This is a bakery that’s never short on drama!

Her staff:
Marc Gravelle
– Buttercream master, artistic force. Just try to wrestle a pastry bag filled with buttercream out of his hand. Reva generally trusts him to do his own thing. He thinks of each cake as his canvas.

Mic – Reva’s husband, who helps with deliveries and various responsibilities

Cake Trend:
Cupcakes are at an end, at least for wedding cake designs. Tiers of different heights variety of layers. Non symmetrical. Lots of white on white.

Fun Facts:
• Before she became a cake decorator, Reva studied opera and musical theater
• Marc wears the buttercream T-shirt
• Reva wears the fondant T-shirt

What got you interested in baking wedding cakes?
I just love weddings. I really like working with brides because they are so happy.

Did anyone inspire you?
Collette Peters and Martha Stewart

Baking Tip:
Always bake the cake the day before you decorate it. Bake at low temperature and for longer time-this makes its rise evenly.

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The Cake Artist

Vincent Buzzetta and mom Cammy, The Cake Artist

Vincent Buzzetta is the owner and executive pastry chef of The Cake Artist of Staten Island.  Vinny received his training at the prestigious French Culinary Institute of New York City.  One of his instructors was Lauri Ditunno of Cake Alchemy an alumnus of Amazing Wedding Cakes. 

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