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Anthony on Episode 6: China Wages War

I was excited when we moved to the “Little Mermaids” house… I mean the new salon. I thought it would be a great change of energy but it was obvious that the negative energy followed us there.

Nervous at first, Kim made it seem like the new salon was going to be nasty. On the contrary, it was way sexy! But that’s nothing because earlier that week we found out China would be our new manager and we all had some pretty interesting things to say.

Now I don’t really see myself as a hater, but I do speak the truth. So what the hell was Kim thinking? Poor girl was lacking sleep or something ’cause that was going to be a disaster from the start.

Seeing as I was still at the desk I took it upon myself to follow the rules set by Kim as much as possible. Then China, our manager, decided to stroll in 45 minutes late. I’m sorry but we all made it on time. So what’s your excuse? It’s called being professional.

Then it went from bad to worse real quick. Maybe Angela and Terry should have kept their mouths shut because it sparked a whole lot of mess. That’s when I stepped in because apparently everyone thought it was okay to yell on the floor. So I simply said, “You’re being unprofessional,” and that’s when China came at me.

First of all, when anybody gets in your face the first thing you tell them is “Ya best back it up!” LOL. I don’t think it was right for China, Angela and Terry to be arguing on the floor which is why I told her to stop being ghetto. Yup I said it ghetto… China for you to get upset and to be in someone’s face when they tell you to calm down is ridiculous. She probably feels the same but I will never ever let anyone disrespect me or try to intimidate me. You swear I haven’t had to defend myself before. News flash: I’m gay!! I have sass and nobody gets in my face without me saying something.

Looking back at it now I wish I would have handled it differently and learn more tactful ways to communicate.

I did feel bad that China cried because I know being a manager can be hard work so I respect her for that. I just want to move forward and have fun… here’s to more fun at the Kimble Salon.